Back Pain

Made gluten free spaghetti Saturday night, shortly afterwards my back started to hurt…like it didn’t digest. Felt to bad to go to church yesterday I could barely walk. Last night was in the bathroom about every two hrs. This morning experienced a few moments of having a very bad hot flash all over…felt like I was going to pass out. Grabbed a cold wet cloth and applied it to my face and neck. I called my husband to come home…I can barely move. Any suggestions? Also, roof of my mouth has blisters…called dentist for some magic mouth is there anything else that works?

The old fa Fashion lemon drops are very good for the drying of your mouth. Cancer patients get dry mouth very badly and this is highly recommended. I do drink at least 15 glasses of water a day. I have severe brontical asthma, and spasms of my vocal cords, so this increases my dryness.