Dry mouth,feels like a sore throat, The dry mouth has lead to my throat being dryer

Any suggestions as to what I can do/ use to help this issue. I don’t know if the heat on in the house is making it dryer. I drink a lot of sparkling water, a lot! I was so embarrassed when I was checking out of the super market with a shopping cart filled with water. The girl asked me questions are you having a party.
People really have no idea and how do I explain it!!

I tried the hard candies, soups for lunch, but it’s not helping. Should I talk to my doctor or is there idease that some of you may have to help.

I have swollen joints going on and wondering if this is a flare, with the SS
Thank you in advance
Country girl

It would be a good ideal to see the doctor. I use an over the counter mouth wash that my doctor recommend you just have to be careful not to use to much. I try not to keep my house to warm and I have pot of water that sits on the heater.

Thank you for the reply! Today I was searching google for answers to severe dry mouth and it talked about some mouth spray, vitamin e oil, primrose oil, lemons, ect. Also a humidifier at night in the winter. I am just about willing to try anything! Tonight I had some honey for my throat. I am so embarrassed for how much water I drink! My own family makes jokes. Before I was diagnosed it was awful the comments and now I speak up and say your hurting my feelings its hard enough to deal with strangers comments.
Thanks for the vent here…

Aawww…I'm sorry to hear you have to defend yourself at all with people close to you. I drink a lot of water too, but I try to change it up once in awhile like green tea w/ mint or with peach and a touch of honey. The honey does a nice job of coating the throat for me. I deliberately use a large water bottle so I can monitor how much I'm drinking to be sure I get enough. The dryness in my lips especially is awful if I don't stay well hydrated. I found that oil pulling (w/ coconut oil) helps the mouth from feeling dry though.

During the day I am fine with Pilocarpine 5 x/day and lotsa H2O. Night time is another story. My mouth usually dries out. But this helps: keep a glass of H2O at bedside and take little sips if you wake up from it and/or chew some sugar free gum. Yeah I haven't inhaled it and I've been doing this for 10 years. Also a respiratory therapist told me she did the same with the gum.

Call me in the morning.

Sympathise with other people commenting on what you're drinking! I've given up tea (I need it sugary, and I'm left feeling even drier then!), so people always comment when I ask for water instead- I just say I'm detoxing, it's easier, especially as I haven't been diagnosed yet, so don't have a 'label' to explain it. I'm sure strangers probably think I'm an alcoholic, when I keep getting a bottle of water out of my bag and swigging on it every few minutes! It's not vodka, honest...!

Are there any gels anyone would recommend? I'm often sore and even if I sit holding a mouthful of water for a minute it still doesn't really seem to touch the dryness.