Sjogrens Flare?

For the past week or two my mouth and throat have been parched as the Sahara...MUCH worse than normal. Does Sjogrens have "Flares" like RA and PsA (which I also have).?

I have upped my use of Biotine's mouth rinse...any other ideas?

Hello. I was in your place! I could not sleep . Brush your teeth with activated Charcoal! It takes away the germs that are activating your immune response!

My dental hygienist told me that Biotine is acid based and in the long run will make things worse, so I quit using it. Besides drinking loads of water throughout the day I use xylitol based chewing gum and mints. It helps with saliva production. Hang in there. As least for me, a flare-up will eventually improve, but yes, flare-ups for me a common. The disease seems to wax and wane. Thanks goodness it wanes some of the time.

I've wondered about this, too. I also have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sometimes I wonder if the different illness' flares take turns! For dry mouth, I have found MedActive Oral Relief Spray very effective, much better than the spray by Biotine. I do use Biotine's mouth rinse as well, but for instant relief, I like the MedActivve spray better. I think I got it on Amazon. I also carry a water bottle with lemon-flavored water at all times. Hard candies help, but not much. Try massaging your salivary glands, you can find charts online. I know how awful this is, Qadosh2him and I'm with you all the way!

From what I have read and what I have experienced, I definately believe that Sjogren's has flares. My symptoms have been getting worse too the past week or eyes, mouth, nose, throat and being extra fatigued. My throat seems like it is always sore becuase it is so dry. However, I am wondering too if part of it is being caused by the changing weather...dry air from the heaters = dry everything and less daylight = extra fatigue.

As for dry mouth, I just drink a ton of water it really helps my throat. I haven't had very much help with the sprays and such but do use xylitol based gum like Trident.

For dry mouth my Dr prescribed Cevimeline Hcl 30mg. I don’t suffer with dry mouth anymore. It’s helped me to get my voice back.

I agree with what everyone else is saying too. YES, my eyes and mouth/throat and really, everything else that CAN be dry, is MORE dry...I have attributed it to the dryer weather and needing to have the wood stove going here in Maine. We are heading back to Florida soon though and I'm looking forward to the humidity there! (Live in Florida but have been visiting in Maine) In the meantime, lots of coconut oil on my skin, drinking lots of water and using a lot more eye drops are very necessary.


I went to the acupuncturists who are MD's at East/West Medicine UCLA and they recommended eating watermelon and

Asian pears and/or any melon. Hey, my orthodontist prescribed Prevident 5000 toothpaste. I cannot believe the difference!

You only use it at night and cannot drink anything for 30 minutes after. Now I rarely have dry mouth and also drool!!! He also gave me a bunch of Biotin samples but I never used them because I do not like the taste.

I heard from my Rheu that your Sjogrens always stays the same but I am having less of the original symptoms.

Hope this is helpful,


Sjogrens is always about the up periods and the down periods. The good news is it will pass…for the most part. Biotine is great. I used to try the gum, but I’m not finding it in my store. It wasn’t as good as the wash. Watch your foods. Try a food list/journal and track that with your comfort levels and see if any foods trigger extra dryness. Caffeine, alcohol, preserved meats and all no nos. it isn’t fun but life could be a lot worse. Sorry you’re having such trouble.

My rheumatologists have definitely told me there are flares. One of them also recommended Exovac for dry mouth. It turned out not to be a good drug for me,although it certainly produced a lot of saliva. Check it out on this site. Others have found it very helpful. Jaycee

I have a question for you all. My husband wants to travel overseas or take a curise, I am worried that I will putting my health at risk being in the closed confinement of an airplane or ship. I won't be close to my medical help. Am I over reacting or should I be concerned? your opinions are greatly appreciated. Susieq

Susieq, I understand the worry that goes with our issues, especially being far away from familiar medical care. The best thing you can do is ask your doc because your particular blend of issues will dictate what is safe or not.

From a personal stand point, I have flown quite a bit (though not overseas) and taken a cruise and been just fine. The nice thing about a cruise ship is that you are rarely in your cabin except to sleep. The ships are huge and some of the cruises are set up to stop at a new port each morning which also reduces the feeling of being confined or far away. If anything you can end up doing quite a bit of walking, etc. I do feel we need to take certain things into consideration but if the doc gives you the go-ahead, then try not to worry too much. We only have one shot at this life so please don't let SS stop you from enjoying it.

Thank you for your advise. I will check with the Rhumy.