Does anybody have trouble with the back of their tongue swelling ?I hate sjogrens it makes me angry from what I was before.In just a couple of months saliva quite

Hello John,

I have trouble with my entire tongue swelling and feeling raw and cut up. I had no idea how much the Enbrel was actually helping the Sjogren's until I was told by my GP to stop it. I was then recently told by my Rheum that I could never take another biologic, ever. Even the Rheumatologist was surprised that it had helped as much as it had, as it was prescribed for Psoriatic Arthritis.

Sipping water helps, and holding room temperature water in my mouth seems to help as well. As does Biotene mouthwash and tooth paste.

Hopefully others will have more suggestions for you. I understand the anger, especially with ones so young!

Wishing you well,


I am so glad you posted this i came on this morning to ask a question and got side tracked. I use the biotene toothpaste and mouth wash but i wake up during the night with a panic attack because my mouth is so dry and my tongue feels like it is twice the size it should be. i dont no what to do its driving me crazy

thanks all Reply to Discussion

Never heard of Raynaud's of the tongue, but I guess if it can hit the fingers, toes and nose, then surely the tongue as well. I'm sure this is an excruciating pain! I surely don't envy you this, Kaz!

I don't get the tongue swelling since I cut out tomatoes and other irritants (start testing to see what your irritants are); also I went gluten-free, this helped immensely! My biggest problem is lack of saliva and I speak for a living, so this is really a problem; I have one word for you, gum. Yes, gum (sugar free), any gum because it activates the salivary glands, not the gum itself, but the chewing activates the glands and hence the saliva flows and add to that sips of water during the day and you might get some real relief. Good luck and stay strong!