Be your Own advocate

My B12 is deficient. 1 year of this and I finally get somewhere. After demanding my primary Dr test my Thyroid and B12 Last week. I am now on my second Neuro Dr.

I believe now that the B12 deficiency has done permanent damage to my nervous system. I can't stress enough to everyone living with a chronic disease; Research, request, demand.

I would still be left in the dark of why I can't walk across a room with out falling, why my balance is always off, why my short term memory is strangely missing, why I walk with a gait. Why I am always exhausted all the time. Why my motor skills on my right don't ever match my left side.

Now we get to see how much damage has been done or if its reversible .. Its not like I wasn't already deficient in Vit. D and all four of my doctors knew and I have been treated and tested regularly.

Again, Research, Request information, Request lab test, referrals and demand if you have to. Be your OWN advocate.

Hopefully now I am on a healthier path than I was a year ago.

Blessing to all


God bless you Beeb! I have been going through similar situations. They don’t want to run the obvious tests! I did have a vitamin d and a vit. B12 deficiency. The b vitamins are much better. I did the b12 shots for a while and then switched over to a pill form. My vitamin d is still a low normal but much better than before. I also have lots of neurological issues like neuropathy and migraines. Have been having migraines since my 30’s without any diagnosis and then it lead into neuropathy. I am getting ready to have a M.R.i. soon to see what’s going on. Wish me luck. I hope you continue down a path to good health!!!


Good luck on the M.R.I. It would be much easier to adjust and deal with sjogrens and everything that goes along with if the health industry wasn't in such disarray frustrating to say the least. We just keep going, what choice do we have.

I have my vitamin D up. Hopefully get my B12 up too. I would like to know why are they low? I went to a Gastroligist years ago and they said I have IBS I'm thinking maybe I need to be looked at again to make sure there isn't something more. Which would be why my stomach isn't absorbing the D, B12. At what other things should I look for that I could be deficient? I swear its like I have another full time job with my health. Again Good Luck Karen. I will keep you in my prayers. Beeb

”Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

Beeb, I can tell you this, I have IBS too and go get my colonoscopy on a regular basis, which is every 5 yrs. With the exception of a few polyps everything is always normal. My G.I. doc. says IBS and acid reflux don’t show up on the endoscopy unless they have already done damage. He never does any extra testing even though I have asked him to because I have Chrone’s in my family. It’s like pulling eye teeth to get them to do a little extra!!! My acid reflux drives me crazy all the time, and I am always taking meds for that which by the way cause b12 deficiency! It’s a vicious cycle! Good luck to you and I will keep you in my prayers as well!