Bladder infections

I’m experiencing several BAD repetitive and frequent problems, sometimes all at the same time. For the most part, it started with the SS. Honestly, I’m getting tired and frightened. Most of my docs dOnt know the entire story. I had a GP freak out On my recently, which makes me less inclined to tell them my cOmplete and cOmplicated medical story. You guys helPed me with the very chronic sinus infectiOns, as I went on that trip and didn’t get my usual S infectiOn my doing some things suggested.

But I’m also getting chronic bladder infections. And I get bad pelvic pain with them that can last for weeks.

Gyno wants me to use Estrace cream or a slightly weaker vag cream ; but they both make me burn. (Apologies for the sensitive nature of the topic). Seems menopausal women are more prone to bladder infections. All amorous activity is out, as I get a B infection every single time. Any experience or ideas?

Also, the GERD has gone nuts. I might try new Dig Enzymes mentioned I’m drinking aloe juice, but it is barely helping as it once did.

Do any of you often find yourself with multiple difficult symptoms???

I’m not sure any one of my docs right now knows the complete picture. I’m just starting with a new GP and she will eventually.

Oh, I feel for you, I have just gone through hell with this, was taken off Enbrel and told that biologics were off the table for me because continuous UTIs.

I can recall only ever having 2 bladder infections in my life, before I hit the 2 year mark with Enbrel. The Enbrel did help significantly with the PsA AND surprisingly enough with the SS, so I am really missing it, but not the infections!

Hope you can kick this!

I take Desipramine, which is like Elavil, for the TN damage. It can make you retain urine I wonder if this plus menopausal issues are makings prone ??? Too bad about the Enbrel. Good warning for us.
I’m beyond exhausted, bedridden and frightened.

Good thought, I take Lyrica for Sciatica and exposed tooth nerves, and that also caused you to retain fluid!

You may be on to something here, Nomad! Worth asking your Dr about!

Anyone taking vaginal estrogen cream at least partially to reduce tendency toward bladder infections? Any exp. with these creams?

For as long as I can remember, I've been prone to yeast, kidney, bladder & urinary tract infections. Frequently all at the same time. I would be given strong antibiotics for the bad infections, which in turn gave me yeast infections. Grrrrr, just a vicious cycle. I went for about 10 years with only occasional ones, and I thought that I may have finally outgrown them so to speak. Zoom into menopausal years and here we go again. I did, however, notice that it was particularly bad after, um, amorous adventures shall we say. And that hurt so bad that it pretty much came to a screeching halt. I recently started using the estrogen cream. The first time I put it in it hurt so bad I wanted to cry. But I persevered and it no longer hurts to put in. Have yet to try it out, I'm in too much pain elsewhere and hubby works 3rd shift, but I hope that soon we'll be able to give it a shot. I say go for it, a little bit of fun is sometimes just the mood booster we need! (PS I've been using it for about a month or so, twice a week.)