Blood in Urine? Could this be caused by Plaquenil?

This is the first time I have had a urinalysis come back with blood in urine. My primary doctor wants me to do another one. It was a clean test, you know when they give u those wipes to use before you do your collection. And I haven't had a period in over a year, so I am menopausal.

I tried various googles on the subject and it's kinda scary. All of them mention kidney problems.

I thought about what is new in my life? The Synthroid and the Plaquenil are the only new meds.

So I was wondering if it's the Plaquenil and if anyone else has ever had the same happen to them.

My doctor is a bit lost when it comes to SS, so I wanted some info before I see her again in August.


Even a run-of-the-mill UTI can turn up blood in a urinalysis, Roulette. I hope there is nothing serious going on. Please keep us posted.

During the time that I was showing symptoms of Sjs, but not yet diagnosed, I had a UTI and after antibiotics they tested my urine and said I had blood. Long story short, they tested three times and it was still there. I had to go have an ultrasound of the bladder, but there was nothing the dr. could see. He said it just sometimes happens, for no reason, and told me not to worry about it. I have never had another test, and that was probably ten years ago. I was not on Plaquenil.

Dr. Google can scare the H out of anyone. Blood in urine is very common, and 95 TIMES OUT OF A HUNDRED completely normal. As far as plaquenil, fewer than 1 in 5000 users ever have blood in urine related to the plaquenil What they do then is usually nothing. Its far more likely that an NSAID is the cause.

This happened to me too. A routine urine stick test followed by a second sample both had blood. A sample was then sent for full lab analysis - nothing! Got sent for a full kidney and pelvic ultrasound - nothing. Just one of those things. So please try not to worry, Roulette, it could just be a minor infection which your body will resolve without intervention and your next sample will be clear.

Thanks everyone, my friend was freaking when I told her this, but I tend to agree with what's been said here. I'll go thru the motions, just to be sure everything is all right, but I'm not having any kidney pains or any fever or any type of symptom beyond SS, so I'm not gonna get real worried.

My gyn says it’s very common to have bladder infections because nature put everything down there so close. Make sure you are emptying completely by pushing hard each time you go.

Drink a lot of water.

I had a pap test and my doctor said there was blood on it. I am as suspicious as you are about the plaquenil... my doctor does not seem to worry, she said it could happened for any number of reasons.. so let's relax and wait and see... the worst thing you can do is stressed out... I have decided to relax and stop freaking out... Drink lots of water and learn to relax. Meditation and listening to music does help.. take care


Blood in urine means there's an infection somewhere in the urinary tract. I've have a number on UTI infections and it always takes 2 to 3 rounds of antibiotics to fix it. I seem to get infections that are resistant to antibiotics. I've also had infections from kidney stones. I've just had a test that shows I'm not completely emptying my bladder. They said this could be causing infections and why I have a hard time getting over them.

There are a lot of reasons you could get an infection and they are very common. Most of the time it's not caused by a major problem.

Your Dr. may not know a lot about SS, but all Drs should know to rule out all the common causes before suggesting an less likely possibility.


Hi Roulette67,
I was wondering if there was any news about the blood in your urine? My urinalysis also tested for blood in my urine. It was around the time I started plaquinel (about 5 weeks ago). I know it was not the Plaquenil and I have never had blood in my urine with a UTI before. I will be seeing my PCP soon. Maybe I will have some useful information to share with you about this occurrence.
I hope you have a nice evening,

I get tested again sometime this month. But during the time, I have upped the amount of water I drink and we will see what the second test says. I feel like a water balloon, but it's a good thing. I drink until my urine is clear.

I went through rounds of testing, ultrasounds, xrays, etc for that. No infections, no nothing. Total clean bill.... they scared the daylights out of me for "Just one of those things". Do the tests to make sure but don't let it get to you. Its common and can definitely happen for no reason.

Roulette67, I hope the increased water intake works.

EnjoyLife thanks for the reassurance. It would be nice if we both have nothing going on with our kidneys or bladder.


Hi Since I have been taking Plaquenil, I had a pap test that had trace of blood, and now I have blood in urine and worry it is caused by plaquenil. My doctor has no idea what caused this. Please let me know if you get more info, meanwhile I am trying hard to calm down and relax. I am going to practice meditation as my anxiety is preventing me from having a full night sleep. Thank you for sharing...

Hi Dany, I hope you are feeling less anxious today. I have read that many people test positive for blood in urine and it doesn’t mean anything. Being anxious about medical stuff is hard not to do, but I am learning that because of the complexity and difficulties of having an autoimmune illness (or illnesses) I need to focus even more on the good moments. I am working on dealing with things as they occur not the possibility it could happen. However, sharing my anxiety and concerns with other people helps me to move on and not lose any more of the time I have on this earth to enjoy my life. When and if I find out if the results of my urinalysis means anything I will post it.


For some reason my primary is not concerned about the blood in my urine. I go for my urinalysis tomorrow. I've been hydrating and we shall see if anything comes of this, I really don't expect it too. I've been feeling ok, aside from the SS stuff.