High blood pressure

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to this group and live in the UK. I was wondering if anyone else has high blood pressure and if this is an SS thing? Also those who have / are using Palenquil - I have been advised to start on it but am a bit concerned. As I already seem to limp from one ear/throat/chest infection to the other - if this drug lowers your immune system then won't i be even more likely to get infections? and if it takes 3 months or so to build up in your system - and you can't take it while on antibiotics - how am I ever going to feel any benefit. Any one else had this problem?

Not sure that post makes sense but to those of you it does - any advice would be helpful


I took plaquenil for about six years. I never had any more problems with infection. As far as disease modifying medications go, plaquenil does not lower your immune response greatly, so it does not make one particularly vulnerable to infection. That said, every imdividual will have a different response.

But you can continue taking it if you have to take antibiotics. So far as I know, only the biologics and methotrexate need to be held while on medication for an. Infection, in order to allow you to recover.

Hi. I have very well controlled HBP and Afib. I haven't heard anyone say they think the 2 are related. At least so far. LOL. I have been on Plaquenil for some time. Stoney is right that its not an immunosuppresent. If anything it stops my body from overreacting and the constant infections have slowed down. I have also taken antibiotics with it and have had no problems at all.

As far as it taking time to build up in the system, yes its gradual. In my case though it was still a noticeable improvement. Mostly in lifting the fatigue but also some of the joint pain also. And it is made to help slow the progression of the disease so it may help more than you realize. I do hope it brings you some relief.

I'm sure others will chime in. Your questions aren't uncommon at all!

My rheumatologist told me not to take Plaquenil if I was given antibiotics?

I have never been told to stop plaquenil while on antibiotics either. If I were you I would check to !make sure your doctor is correct. As for BP mine has lowered and leveled out after starting plaquenil. Good luck with everything. We are all so different how we handle everything but this group is great for listening and sharing.