Burning throat

I have had a burning throat for about 10 years now, and I’ve been tested out the wazoo regarding this. Recently my ent said he thought it was caused by dryness along the lines of sjogrens. I don’t have terrible eye or mouth or other dryness, so I’m not certain about that conclusion. However, I do have lupus, so it’s reasonable to consider. I’m ssa and ssb negative, btw.

If you have throat (not mouth) symptoms, what does that feel like for you?

That’s interesting. I have trouble swallowing, but that’s due to lack of saliva. I’ve been using evoxac for many years and it helps immensely. I’m negative as well, with another autoimmune condition too.

Out of curiosity, did anyone ever recommend a trial of heartburn treatment?

Oh, yes, we’ve tried heartburn treatment which didn’t work and ph testing which showed no reflux. Tried allergy treatment, vocal therapy, nerve pain medications… it’s been a long road.

I’m glad that medication is working! I may ask my rheumatologist about that. What side effects have you had?

I haven’t had any side effects from the evoxac. I’m not surprised to hear that you’ve been through the whole testing gamut for heartburn.