Severe Dry Mouth

I am having such issues with dry mouth, it is becoming intolerable. My Rheumy gave up his practice. I'm looking for a new doc.

Went to my dentist last week for teeth cleaning. Not sure why, but my gums are now so inflamed, and my teeth hurt. When I did see dentist last week I asked him about Exovac, as I've seen on this site some of you have had success with it. He never heard of it, but said these meds do come with side-effects. Well the side-effect of SS aren't too pleasant either. He doesn't think inflamed gums have anything to do with SS. He admittedly knows very little about SS. Thinking I should research a bit and find another DDS.

Any advice? Thanks

There are dentists out there who are familiar with Sjogren's and some of the associated problems. It would be one of those things where you might have to make a lot of phone calls, but it could well be worth your time. The other option is to find one who is willing to do the research about Sjogren's and better support you that way.

Your right. I have started calling dentists.


I had a dentist that just continued doing dental work on my mouth while all the while I was complaining about dry mouth. One day it just hit me to search online about salivary glands. Long story short- I went to an ENT Dr. to see if I had a possible blockage in my salivary gland. He looked in my mouth & immediately asked me who was my dentist. He shook his head, told me this looks like Sjogrens, wrote me a script for Evoxac & sent me to the rheum Dr....I went back to my dentist & they had never heard of Sjogrens. I had previously went to my GYN & they chalked everything up,even my dryness issues/vaginal, as menopause. A nurse practitioner even told me if I didn't get better in 3 months to come back & they would address mental health issues...We are our Best advocate! It is up to us to reach out on blogs,etc to connect with other Sjogrens sufferers....

Yes, I believe that you should give Evoxac a try!

Great story, and great advice.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I have an appointment with a new Rheum in August.