My Appointmet

Can those that believe please say a prayer for me. I have my appointment this morning @ 1130 with my new Rheumy.

Thank You Very Much,


I will be thinking of you let us no what happens

Hi confused, how did it go for you? Sending good thoughts your way!

Hi Confused…I just saw your post. I do rely on my faith also so i'm sorry I missed you but please let us know how it went.

Checking in again to see how you are.

Sending my best,


Good Morning All,

Sorry for the slow reply and thanks for caring enough to check up on me. If you remember, the 1st time that I went tothis Rheumy, my files weren't coming up on his computer. So, he rescheduled me for 2 MONTHS later. I thought that was a long time seeing as it was their issues that made the appointment a basic waste of my time.

The 2 months passed and I was ready to get on with it. What do you think happened???? He says he remembered me from the last time when he couldn't get all of my info. b/c it wouldn't come through on the computer. He then proceeds to tell me that my files re still showing up as blanks...NOTHING

I was so frustrated. This huge issue should've been taken care of within the 2 mouths from the previous visit.

He looked under my tongue and stated he doesn't think that I have SS b/c my mouth would've been drier. I had just handed him my list of meds. The Evoxac was on the list. I had been taking it for almost a year. It worked great. My dentist was in awe of how quickly my mouth had improved! I had saliva. I was so happy No more chocking.

I reminded Rheumy about the fact that I had been taking Evoxac. He decided to do his own blood work on me. He said that he'll have the results in about a week. I received a message on my phone a couple of days later from his nurse.

All of the blood work came back negative!!!! I was elated.So, I thought that maybe I was miss diagnosed all of this time. When I went to see which blood testing he had put me through, all 5 tests were marked just like this: (dry mouth).

So, my question is why are ALL of the test marked " (dry mouth)."

Do you think that my being on the Evoxac would interfere with my blood work up? Why would he mak all of the testing for dry mouth?

I would be elated to have Fibro.w/o SS...big time! That's enough alone. Especially if all of this sickness is from Fibro. alone.

What I found weird is that the nurse said the results were negative and hung up the phone. Do you think that another appointment should've been mentioned?

Thanks again everyone.<3