My Primary had no idea the RA I saw was crap

She asked me what he had done about my Sjogren's, I said "He did absolutely nothing for me." "I did it, I found another RA and I understand more about the illness than he does." She laughed.

She even doesn't understand all there is to the illness, thinks it's just dry eyes and mouth.

Thank God for the Internet. I see the new RA on the 20th.

Have been having some hard times with my hips and waking up each day with swollen knees.

Woke up with some real dry mouth, here and there. No sores, just dry mouth. Use Biotene, but need to use it more often.

wow just found another symptom i have that i did not relate to possible sjogrens, my knees being swollen whan i wak and hips hurting, but the knees being swollen i had not thought it might be related to sjogrens. i have not been diagnoses with sjogrens yet. see another reumotologist may 12th, looked at his list of things he treats, one is sjogrens, so maybe he will get to the bottom of my problems. i had a eye test starting with the letter s, and i produced tears back in 2010 so they said i dont have sjogrens. i dont care even if this doc says i dont have sjogrens, just at least find out what is causing my extreem dry mouth, dry eyes when i wake up, sore joints which an exray showed they are swollen just no signs of arthritis, swollen knees, frequent blood clot problems. i want answers. i keep getting brushed off as well we dont think you have sjogrens but we dont know whats wrong. and then let me go and suffer. grrrrrrrr

TELL ME ABOUT IT! There is nothing worse than being dismissed by a doctor. If they don't have the immediate answer, they make it seem like it's YOUR fault, or you are faking.

Hopefully, we can find a good RA. Someone told me there are forms of RA that don't show up on the standard blood tests. I forget what she said exactly, but I think it was a response to my blog. Here or somewhere else.

We know something is wrong, we feel something is wrong. We know our own bodies. It's just so frustrating.