Cancer Risk

I recently had a melanoma removed from my chest. It was stage 1 and the margins were clear. In doing some research I see I am at a higher risk for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is also an increased risk with SS.

I'm wondering if this doubles my risk for a recurrence of cancer or if the risk is the same?

I’m glad to hear that the melanoma was caught at such a treatable moment. You asked about increased cancer risk. It shouldn’t necessarily double the risk, you simply have two factors with increased risk. I don’t know the exact numbers,but. . . .you need to think about the numbers. Let’s just say that the risk for the general population is 1 in a million. Having Sjögren’s, let’s just say that it doubles your risk. It sounds scary, but not so much so when you realize that it doubles your chances of developing it to 2 in a million. Now, I am also well aware that none of this really makes an ounce of difference if you are that one. But in terms of how much to worry, it is just one of those things to keep in the way back of your head.