Candy recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a particular brand of sugar-free candy to help with dry mouth symptoms? I’ve already tried Therabreath lozenges… they’re xylitol based, and they’re OK, but not great.

I want something like a Jolly Rancher, but one that won’t cause tooth decay.


I googled xylitol candy and this looks like there’s a wide selection

Be aware xylitol will KILL a dog. So, if you have dogs keep this kind of food well out of their reach. A friend of mine lost her dog to a single piece of sugar free gum he raided from her purse.


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I just ordered these:

I’ll report back here after they arrive and I’ve had a chance to try them.

I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger topic here. I just can’t stand the taste of my own mouth anymore, especially at night and upon waking up in the morning.

Thanks @ModSupport for the warning about dogs. I will be extra careful.

Nice choice on the candies. The sour candy is also a good flavor choice as it will help stimulate your salivary glands.

There are a few different sugar alternatives but some have side effects for example:-
Xylitol can be a headache/migraine trigger.
Sorbitol and maltitol are a known stool softener and in higher doses cause diarrhea.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Well they arrived & they taste great, but I can’t stand what they do to my digestion. I was up all night after eating a small handful of candies earlier in the day. I’m sure it’s the Xylitol.

I will keep them around for particularly bad dry-mouth days, but this is not something I can eat on a regular basis. Even eating just two candies seems to cause problems. That’s too bad, because they taste really good and do help with dry mouth.

That’s a shame. Maybe try a different candy without xylitol them.

Try basic bites. They were developed at Stony Brook University specifically for dry mouth and people like us. They are good too. You can get them online and through Amazon. Made to help maintain and restore teeth.

Basic Bites also contain xylitol, though its at the end of the list of ingredients. They also contain maltitol which can cause diarrhea if you eat too many of them in one day (

Yes. They are definitely not meant to be treated like candy.