Sugarless candy and gum

I was wondering if any of you have problems with sugar alcohols such as xylitol? It seems all of these products give me gas and stomach pain. Any ideas? What do you suck on for the dryness? Oh yes, then there is my allergy to glycerine.

I have had a week from hell. Never had my lip procedure done as the ENT decided that he would take only one gland. It made him nervous that I can not stay off the baby aspirin therapy for two weeks. I said thank you but that will not due and left his office.

The HIDA scan was done incorrectly and showed a miraculous cure of the gall bladder. After thirty years of having one functioning at 17% it was my luck to have a new guy doing the test. Now my gastro doctor is trying to find my records from ten years ago.

My GP does not want to give me a referral to the Sjogren's Center at J. Hopkins. I'm not sure what his problem is.

The final straw is that my blood pressure which has been well controlled is to high from the stomach pain and stress.

This is serious complaining I know but I just want to scream. It is almost but not quite funny.

The bright spot for today is that we are taking our daughter and her family out for dinner to celebrate her birthday.

Hey… I have definitely read that some of the sugarless gums produce gas & stomach pain. I'm thinking from the same ingredient. Yuck. I chew sometimes. It doesn't seem to bother me the way some of the others do. Also, Wethers sugar free caramels (hard candy) is nice. It has a slight thickness to it vs things like Jollly Ranchers and of course the sugar free is necessary. We had a conversation awhile ago about thickened drinks….I wonder if anyone tried it. They may have some input and I had forgotten about it until now.

It sounds like you are having the real run of it with the docs. Good for you advocating for yourself that way though. It can be hard but it has to be done .Hope you had a good time out with the family. Enjoy the little things!

Hi, first of all sugar is really bad for our guts, it feed the bad bacteria, cancer, cells that our diseased. Get rid of it all. Only use organic sugar, and it should be brown. Also all sugar free items have a added ingredient like ASPERTIME, this is a killer. Our gut is where our immune system is. We need good bacteria to fight off the bad, probiotics are great for this. Tomatoes, spinach,etc. I don't use sugar at all, whats in the food is the only sugar i get. Feeling much better with my probiotics, vitamiin K7, organic milk, organic sugar, and as much organic foods as we can get, but make sure they are locally grown. China has been putting labels on products that are supposed to be made in America, like the organic foods that come from Mexico. Those are loaded with pesticides. Thats why this world has the health issues we have. The poisons in the ground and they add even more. Get rid of the fake sugars. anything that says sugar free is not. trust me, I been all over this subject. xx Good luck

Hi Hopewell,

Sounds like you are hitting some brick walls!

You are probably going to have to fight your Insurance Co to have the Hida scan re-done, as it is the most expensive of all the GB tests, though I urge you to do so. Here is the thing with the GB... You can have the microscopic surgery as long as you are not admitted in severe pain and sickness. The alternative to the small incisions is being cut from center front to center back! The surgeon who cared for me during my first hospital stay with this (before they had a Hida scan) told me that he KNEW my problems were from my GB, he just could not prove it on the tests, but that until they perfected the new method, that the front to back incision would always cause pain and problems.

I have to ask if you are satisfied with the care from your GP at this point. I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but see no reason why he will not refer you to Hopkins if this is where you wish to go! My GP is always so helpful with this, he will send me almost anywhere I wish to go. He will sometimes reroute me if he thinks there is a better place, thankfully. He always sends me to the asst prof of Hopkins or Univ of MD. He ALWAYS sends me to the very best he can find. So does he have a better choice or is he just resistant to you going to a Rheumatologist of YOUR choice? I'm fortunate in that I do not need a referral, however my GP always points me in the right direction and makes the appointment for me! I know, he is a keeper.

Hope the B-day dinner was pleasant! You deserve something fun and stress free to happen!

I really hope that you can get this straightened out and get to a better place!

Wishing you well,



to answer your question.

I use xylitol toothpaste and "candy" with no ill effects indeed it has a moistening effect on the mouth and inreases salivary stimulation. No significant gut effects. However it doesn't make good "candy " as it doesn't crystallise as well and form a caramel type of confectionery.

I also use "candy" made from other alcohols and find them useful for the dry mouth but have to limit the intake as they can encourage gas bloat and loose stools as they are broken down by bacteria in the small intestine.

Hope this helps.

I’m not nearly as sensitive as you. But, if I eat an excessive amount of diet candies, I’ll get a little diarreah.

I like the xylitol gum but discovered gum triggers my TN pain. But gum also helps my SS. So, this morning I put two pieces of xylitol gum in my mouth and also put the timer on for 1.5 minutes. Voila! No pain and it helped with the dryness.
I’m looking at the gum strictly for medicinal purposes.

I was wondering if biting into a lemon or drinking very lemony water would help you? Also maybe eating a piece of juicy fruit like watermelon. ???

Trying to think of items that might help with saliva production.