Fennel tea for the tummy

Last night with my usual gallbladder gas up to my eyeballs I willed myself to think about what I did to relieve this symptom before my brain fog set in.

Fennel tea! I tried it and it helped without drying my mouth out.

Perhaps this will help some of you with your indigestion.

Always happy for a new tip. I keep crystalized ginger on hand too. I have people at work that sing its praises after trying it.

Does the crystalized ginger have sugar on it? I always bought it at the health food store in town but the one they have for sure is coated with sugar.

I get mine off of Amazon. There is a dusting of sugar but not much. I think its more that they cook ginger down in a sugar water. Hard to avoid it totally.

You can get ginger capsules and swallow - no sugar.

I avoid sugar totally it is a major no no for teeth with SS and also a potent inflammatory molecule and I believe causes diabetes and some forms of CHD.

Fennel, cumin, aniseed and their relatives are all quite good digestifs.

Crystallised ginger is mainly sugar - that's what the "crystallisation process is. http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/20/dan-lepard-crystallised-ginger-recipe

That's what I said. LOL….it is so hard to get away from sugars. They pop up I'm more places than wheat products.

Sorry must have misunderstood when you said a light dusting of sugar - it is packed with sugar.

Though I think one could make one;s own using fresh ginger and Xylitol following the recipe I posted - should me YUM!

Sounds good to me. I am learning quickly the value of doing stuff as simply as possible. And the only way to control what you are taking in seems to be by doing it yourself.

In the past, I have found that ginger candy both delicious and helpful for the tummy.
But now I’m off sugar.
And I’m taking a cue from Assybish and looking for hidden sugars, so I’m extra careful.
Didn’t see the recipe for ginger with xylitol.
Does one get xylitol from the health food store?
The movie Fed Up has a real ease date now: Sept 9. I pre-ordered it. My compounding pharmacist saw it and it blew her away. She lost weight and kept it off. I asked her how. She said she was at a convention and they showed this movie and it gave her the willpower to stay away from sugar.
I think she said she allows a max of 15 grams a day, but always strives to keep it as low as possible.
I use Stomach Ease tea by Yogi tea co. And it does help a little.
I also like a product called “Prelief” that I take before my 1/2 cup of coffee and before dinner if I sense a problem. I found it on line and you can get it at awalgreens in the states. Good for IBS AND GERD! A real winner in my book. I take it three minutes before coffee or a meal if my stomach is bothering me. Works VERY well!!!mostly magnesium…go figure???

I might also try the fennel tea. The more natural…the better!!!

You can get Xylitol in The UK from most supermarkets and on line "health food" stores. Just google.

Look for Xylitol made from birch NOT made from corn starch It has a better environmental track record and less chemical modification. It is a natural "sugar" found in many plants in low amounts.

The recipe is for sugar based ginger but just substitute Xylitol for sugar it works find. Xylitol is not good for making caramel hence toffee.

Remember it is slightly sweeter than sugar and has a nice moistening effect on the mouth BUT don't eat too much as bacteria in the small intesting can break it down and produce water and carbon dioxide so bowels may become a bit loose. I have no problems with "normal" amounts and less problem than the other sugar substitutes.