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Another medical head shaker…

The md who created the gluten free diet said he is now mistaken and that it is probably sensitivity to indigestible sugars in the wheat that causes problems and not gluten. He goes on to say that they did a new study with several control groups and found that there was a mind body connection that made people feel worse when they thought they were taken off the diet but in reality they had not. He further stated that people with celiac disease should stay on the diet.

Wish I could figure out how to add a clip so you could hear this. I think it came from a Good Morning America clip.

Baffling, isn’t it? Sometimes I do wonder if it is more a sugar issue since often gluten and sugar go together ex: cookies!

I know a woman with ulcerative collitis.

She has turned her diet upside down and has clearly gotten better. She is vegan. However, she has reduced her gluten intake as well. And she will not touch sugar at all!!! She doesn’t eat junk food. Eats mostly vegetables. She does have an occassional glass of wine.

I know in my heart, I have to find a good diet for myself.

I had sugar last night and am sick as a dog It’s happened before, so at least that’s crystal clear. I pray I have learned my lesson.

Here it is

Here is what is said about the sugars mentioned as 'indigestible'.

Sounds like one still has to be wheat-free if sensitive to the sugars anyway? So not much of a change from a consumer's perspective, just from a purely scientific perspective?

Seems it is forms of 'processed sugars', that are the problem, but not certain. If the Doctors/scientists can get it wrong...

Thanks for posting the video!

I think the clarification may be good….I could be dead wrong but I'm speaking as a lay-person with the same understanding the average person would have….

I have always heard that gluten in and of itself serves a necessary purpose and that if you aren't sensitive to it it may not be a good idea to totally cut it out. I know so many people that have jumped on a gluten free diet but don't eat all that healthy. I also hear that processed sugars are different from actual foods that your body may eventually process into a form of sugar, which may be where the confusion comes in. It's where I get confused, anyway. I'm wondering if that is what this guy is getting at?

I know for us, processed sugar seems to be the evil undoing so i avoid "fake food" in general but I'd love to know more.

You know, I really cannot keep up with the docs. I think I shall just go by what my body says...I wish it would say it can eat gluten, but it's being stubborn about that.

I may be mistaken but I believe that I read that this study only included 37 people, which is not a very broad-based study.

True, Mom, it is a small study. And, I would be willing to bet, there are others that say the opposite. There usually are. One thing I do know, if you don't have to go off gluten, for Pete's sake, don't. Life is tough enough for those of us with autoimmune diseases w/o torturing ourselves. I do think, though, that many people with "irritable bowel syndrome" are really just gluten sensitive. Irritable bowel really is not a disease, it is a symptom of an underlying disease or condition. Anyway, as for me and my house, we will serve....gluten free stuff. At least, two of us will.

There have been quite a few studies that show that gluten causes gut permeability in almost everyone. The difference, though, is that healthy people have the immune system to repair their guts quickly and therefore don't experience negative effects. Those of us with compromised immune systems take a lot longer to heal our guts and therefore often have many negative effects. If it doesn't cause undue stress in your life, going gluten free is a good idea for people with autoimmune diseases.