Paleo diet

My pcp has recommended the Paleo diet for my symptoms. Is there anyone else on this, and has it helped your symptoms?
Hope you’re having a “good” day and your symptoms are at bay.


Yes my neurologists first suggested it, so I gave up all dairy, gluten, processed foods/sugar and alcohol. I also really try to eat solely anti-inflammatory foods. It's been about 4 months and it has helped a lot. My symptoms are peripheral neuropathy in my feet (tingling, burning toes), internal tremors, stiff neck and shoulders and dry mouth. All those have gotten a lot better and currently I'm taking just supplements. Golden milk at night too. My rheumy sees me all the time and so far I am able to manage my symptoms without taking anything else.

Hope that helps. It's a tough diet to stick to for sure but now I don't think anything about it!

Good luck. Hope you are well.


Though I have not completely eliminated 100%, we eat mostly whole foods, little to no gluten and processed foods. I take a probiotic and magnesium daily. It has greatly reduced my brain fog and migraines esoecially. I this hard which is why we are a 100%, but any improvement helps.

A doctor put my sister on a diet. I don't know the name of the diet But, she has been very sick for decades. The diet has completely changed her life around for the better. I'm trying to find the name of this diet.

I can't do diets that are overly restrictive. They don't seem to do well for the various conditions…too much of a balance, I guess. On advice of my doc, I have been avoiding the big 3 of inflammatories (sugar, dairy and wheat). That alone helps a lot. Staying away from heavily processed foods seems to cover a lot of it. I need my red meat and am lucky that, so far, nightshades don't bother me. He told me that some people do well on a Mediterranean diet, etc but that each case is different and people need to work out which one works best for them. Good luck!

Was just mentioning this on another thread. I don’t like to call my diet by a particular name. Many doctors of late seem to feel that gluten is a potential issue for those with autoimmune illness. Based on this, personal experience, advice from one of my docs studying functional medicine…I have developed a diet for myself and let me tell you, when I stick to it, it absolutely does help me. There is no doubt. It is much as you said:

No bread, pasta, gluten, no “fake gluten” products either

Reduced meat intake

Little to NO dairy

Little to NO alcohol

Little to NO Sugar

No processed foods

No junk food

Moderate fruit intake

Moderate low salt nut intake

LOTS and lots of vegetables both cooked and raw

NO soda

Lots and lots of good quality water

I also take several daily supplements.

I still drink coffee, although I have reduced it a little. I add a little bit of artificial sweetener (have reduced that intake too) I suppose I should get rid of this, but so far, I just haven’t been able to.

I still eat animal products, but my portions are small. I don’t wish to be a vegetarian. Red meat rarely. Chicken, turkey and sometimes fish…but small portions like two or three ounces. With the exception of a very very occasional yogurt and feta cheese, I’m basically not eating dairy.

I juice several mornings a week…mostly green vegetables.

The positive changes I have made have helped me with many of my health conditions, particularly with fatigue. I’m amazed!