Newly Diagnosed, Interested in Diet & Supplements

Thank you for accepting me into this support group. I was diagnosed last month after a year of doctor visits, physical therapy, tests and various prescription meds. I found the John Hopkins Sjogrens Center while doing my own research online. Dry mouth and eyes, extreme fatigue, painful joints, numbness and tingling in my feet, legs, hands and face as well as anxiety and depression are my symptoms. I am trying to educate myself and stay positive. I’m currently taking Gabapentin and it has helped with the neuropathy. I was going to aqua physical therapy for a few months but now I’m continuing the exercises at home. I’m very interested in diet and how certain foods affect the inflammatory process in the body. I’m a 56 year old woman, mother of 3 and grandmother of 3. I retired from my job as a lab technician this January because I couldn’t keep up with the physical demands.

Hi Rose2, and welcome to the group! I’ve moved your discussion into the Complementary Therapy discussion. There’ve been quite a few discussions about trying an anti-inflammatory diet and different supplements, it’s something a lot of members like to try as well as medications. (Glad that the Gabapentin’s helping as well). We’ve had some discussions too about what exercise members have found to help. You can search for topics which interest you, so you might find some info from the older discussions. And we have sub-groups too to connect with others with the same interests, so you could join the one for complementary therapies. Hopefully some of the new members will chip in with your discussion too!


While my diet isn’t excellent, and I should practice what I preach, I believe it is generally understood that the following have anti-inflammatory properties:

Omega 3 fish oils - found in many fish (preferably wild caught) walnuts, flax seeds, and many supplements. Be sure to buy the “burbless”.

Green tea: try to drink two cups a day. Also found in supplement form if need be.

Ginger: Add to all foods you can. I take supplements also.

Turmeric: add to boiling water with lemon, add to rubs, stews, sauces, or, again, supplements.

Many swear that gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free is the way to go. I’m not that disciplined.

As far as excercise goes, I have found tai chi to be right for me. To each his/her own. My instructor always adds gratitude and health wishes to the class.

Wishing you all the best,


I am new, found out in Oct. It has been very disappointing to find out that wine is the worst for my dry eyes and rash. It took me three years going to different doctors before finally my dermatologist decided nothing had really changed with my rash in three years. She thought it could be lupus. Close, Sjogren’s.

You mentioned that wine has been bad for your eyes and rash. Have you kept a diary of foods/drinks and reactions? It can be a good way to know for certain.

I wish I was wrong, but so far anything containing alcohol seems to make my
eyes drier the next day. I have loved having a couple of glasses of wine at
night, it was my last little joy now that I am older and lost my husband.
I am going to work on getting myself healthier, then maybe I can try having
wine again.