Gluten free and vegan

I have been gluten free for a few weeks now but I consume lots of meat, mostly chicken fish and pretty lean and of course fruits and veggies. Was wondering if anyone noticed a big difference by going vegan. Was watching the tennis star Venus Williams and how she seems to be doing well, she won the tournament after she was diagnosed, she stated she’s gone vegan, so I was thinking about trying it to see if it helps. It obviously can’t hurt to give it a shot. Sadly after u remove gluten dairy and meat there’s not much left,.Any thoughts?

I've been basically Gluten free for a long time. I've also cut out adding sugar to tea and coffee and stuff. I use Stevia. It has helped with pains and I notice when I stray from the Gluten and eat any type of grain, I have difficulties in the morning. And I just feel less tired etc. from cutting down on sugar.

I drink almond milk because I'm lactose intolerant. But I can eat cheese and yogurt and cottage cheese. And I do occasionally.

I'm also mostly meat, veggies and fruit. It's really limiting, but it helps control the weight gain and symptoms in my opinion. My endocrinologist has me not eating ANY starches. Just the above listed.

I think its best for me. I know I can't even eat a potato, except a sweet potato, which I use as a treat.

I could never go vegan, I'm having a hard enough time finding something too eat now. Some meals just get boring after a while. Plus it does get expensive, unless you grow your own veggies. At least it does in my area.

That's great you want to try a new diet to get well. There are TONS of foods without dairy and meat. I was a vegetarian for 30 years but after reading about the cruelty in the dairy industry and the startling discovery in The China Study, I also gave up dairy just this year. Once you slowly start becoming vegan, you'll see the plethora of food in this world. I eat so many different things. My diet is even stricter because the SS attacked my digestive system, though. But I still eat so well. You can get a lot of good ideas from Cooking with Plants videos on Youtube and the Vegetarian Times (you can use rice or almond milk substitutes for the milk and egg replacers for the eggs in some recipes). I make stuffed peppers with tempeh and rice and carrots with a miso and almond butter sauce which is soooo good. Oh -- yes, I have to say that when I gave up dairy, wow, I felt so much better. I started digesting better and my sinuses stopped getting clogged. Good luck! It's so great to try and get well by cleaning our diets. A juicer is a great thing to get to -- only ORGANIC everything, though.

You always have to take it slow so you know what's working for your body. What helps one tremendously can be horrible for another. That being said, my rheumy suggested staying away from the known inflammation inducers like dairy, sugars (processed food) and wheat. He leans toward a Mediterranean style diet for SS. I have heard a number of people here who can't take nightshades at all. I'm fairly lucky that I can eat them. Same goes with meats. I tend to run low on iron, etc (lifelong issue) so my body feels immensely better with red meat a couple times a week.I can tell when I'm wandering too far from my diet, definitely. I stay away from all the lunchroom cakes & snack, etc which helps too. Its trial and error so take it slow as you add or subtract things otherwise you won't be clear on what's working.