Gluten Free diet works!

Since I have been on a gluten free diet for 6 weeks now, I notice I have more energy, I can exercise without being in excruciating pain and I am a lot happier. I have also cut down sugar, refined and processed food, dairy and red meat.

Yes, there are many members here who swear by this, and changing their diet has helped them tremendously, and then there are others that it hasn't helped at all.

I think like you, whatever works! Glad you are finding relief!

So glad it helps you!!! I’m one of the ones it helps. The changes I made are very similar to yours. It helps noticeably with aches and fatigue. Not perfect, but a nice amount. :slight_smile:

I believe this disease can be thought through diet, a. We need to try to remove the one food our body cannot tolerate. For me it was gluten, I do feel almost normal again, I can exercise and go to work and enjoy my life without pain now.. All the best to all of you in finding the one food that is creating inflammation in your body and pain..