Newly diagnosed!

Just found out a month ago...first symptoms were weird feeling in feet and burning in my feet at night. Don't really have the dry eyes and mouth, however I do have horrible teeth, lots of cavities. I was told to go on a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, fun free kind of diet. Wondering if anyone has any experience with changing their diet? Also anyone try any acupuncture for pain (mine is mostly the feet)? Appreciate the help.

Hi Kat,

If you look in the Discussions section at the top of the page, and search anti-inflammatory diet, there's been lots of past discussions about diets, and what people have found helpful. Good luck!

Hello Kat

I moved this to discussions, hopefully more people will see it their.

I have just started acupuncture two weeks ago. We are going very slow and easy because I have so many issues going on all at once. I'll keep you posted on how I feel in the coming days and weeks. I'm praying this helps!

Funny I just made an appointment for acupuncture next week. I hope it helps too! Let me know how you fair. I've drastically changed my diet also so I really hope this brings some change too. I hate gapapentin as it makes me very sleepy....