Newly diagnosed

Just been diagnosed with primary Sjogrens. Apart from dry eyes and mouth also have oral Candida Albicans with chronic sores in the mouth. Have had Daktarin, Nystasin and Fluxucole but nothing is getting rid of it. Has anyone any ideas how to help? Many thanks.

Candida diet might help.

Oregano oil, no sugar, xylitol mints

Cut out all sugars, including those found in carbs, add yogurt cultures to your diet, and make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. I think Felicity mentioned the Candida diet.

Felicity said:

Candida diet might help.

Thanks everyone for all your tips. I have managed to purchase the wild oregano capsules and will start them tomorrow.

What is VFend? I think some names are different here in Europe. I'm starting the Candida diet which I believe is similar to the Atkins diet? but with more yughurt cultures. Anyway thanks all of you.

Queen Jewel, thank you so much. Will go online to find VFend. I’m already using probiotics, will also be starting on joghurt. Thanks, Gina

Oh honey, my heart goes out to you. I have had the same candida diagnosis and have been in a "super flare" for probably 8-9 months now. It is an indescribable horror, my closet description being salt and lemon in a paper cut ALL THE TIME. Nothing ever works. I recently read that Vitamin B-12 was supposed to help and it did a little, taking it twice a day. In doing further research into mouth sores probiotics were mentioned. So I thought I'd give that a try too. It did wonders! Within a few days of taking 10 billion with cranberry extract, my mouth felt the closest to normal that it's felt in forever. Of course I had to push it and ate too many salty chips and sugary sweets which fried my tongue and gouged my cheeks to death. (Will I never learn???) So I took a few steps backwards and I have to start over. I'm upping the probiotics to 20 billion, NO salt, NO sugar, NO citrus and I HOPE that will do the trick. I swear by Squigle toothpastes as well. I can't tolerate mint of any kind and Squigle's is fairly mild. I use a tiny bit of that one for the fluoride, and top it with the unflavored enamel builder. I sincerely hope that some of these suggestions help you. Stay positive and have a lovely day :)

I have had thrush for such a long time. I’ve taken flucanazole pills and couldn’t really tell any difference. I recently have been trying a tablespoon of raw honey and holding in my mouth as long as I can stand a couple times a day and I could tell a difference after the first couple times.

That doesn’t make much sense to me, raw honey in your mouth. Would you mind explaining how that’s supposed to work?

Hi stoney I read that honey helps with candida and bacteria and I tried it. My tongue isn’t coated so thickly with the white crud as it was before I tried it… I think it matters what type of candida it is but I’m not a medical wiz I will try to find a link if you wish but I just googled it basically.