I was diagnosed with sjogrens about a year ago. Had all kinds of symptoms which doctors ignored except for my eye doctor who said that something was going on because of my severe dry eye. Now recently I was told after an echocardiogram that I have a pericardial effusion. Cardiologist said it seen in patients with autoimmune diseases. Anyone else had this experience. This disease can be quite scary at times

I have not had this experience personally. But it’s good that your doctor is on top of things.

i had a pericaardial effusion few month ago found it very painful and scary but has clear up but now have inflamation of lung pockets thats not very nice hope you feel better soon

The good news is that your rheumy should step up treatment for you with the SS. Pericardial effusion is not something I would lose much sleep over, especially now that its known There is tons of treatment, but generally more aggressive treatment for the SS will clean it up in short order.