Check out what's happening at the Sinclair lab at Harvard, and tell me what you think!

honestly, sounds like a commercial for reservatol, HOWEVER it might be the answer. I'm accustomed to seeing actually numbers and research facts. Maybe coming at a later date

I hear that….any time they delve a little deeper into these things the good and bad points of playing with genetics comes to mind. (modified food anyone?) I am curious where this goes.

No interest for SS as I can see would you like to live longer with SS - not me!

The most effective way of living longer is to be borderline starving. The only study showing significant changes is that showing that under noursihed individuals (humans and mice) live longer and the biochemistry behind it has been at least in part worked out.

This "study" doesn't seem that solid and mitachondria are not the key to ageing sorry they reduce in efficiency due to ageing especially genetic damage arising from ageing.

My husband had a doc once that said to drink a little grape juice daily for the same reasons…Reservatol

Assybish…I have also heard that calorie restriction promotes longevity. But I wonder how a person can get all their nutrients this way.

I’m interested in a newish Katie Couric documentary called “Fed Up” in which sugar is shown to be a much bigger destroyer of health than most people realize. Anyone seen it?

getting nutrients isn't a problem if the diet is balanced the restriction is caloric not in quality. The evidence is clear and unequivocal the mechanism is via a subdet of th TH17 immune response that depends on proline and a caloric restricted diet reuced the bioavailablity of proline and hence blocks this metabolic pathway - it has relevence to SS because the same pathway is involved in some areas of the auto immune response that has "malfunctioned in SS".This is how the drug halofuginine works and the chinese herb changshan.

I ws lecturing in 1991 that fat and cholesterol were not health issues but sugar was the biggest health threat and I proved it biochemically but no one was interested because the US GM corn industry wanted all such informtion killed for obvious reasons. The whole fat thing was bunkum in the 1950's when the hypothesis was originated in the USA. Similarly the biggest drug seller in the world is statins from the USA and the main argument is again based on the flawed fat hypothesis. There are no good studies that support the fat hypothesis or the value of statins in CHD in normal adults.

Obesity is caused mainly by eating too much meat and too much sugar and both cause damage to the body including inflammatory response.

The food industry especially the GM corn sugar and Monsanto have a lot to answer for but never will because money talks especially to politicians!

That was fascinating, thank you!The Fed Up documentary, apparently discusses the idea that the problems with sugar and ill health have been purposely withheld or grossly played down to the public. Interestingly, it is being ridiculed and there is a delay in getting copies from Amazon.

Assybish…can you explain why when I don’t eat meat, I seem to GAIN weight? I don’t eat sugar or flour. I eat mostly vegetables. But if I have a meatless day, I might have some potato, quinoa, slightly more fruit or a vegetarian protein shake.
Also, are you a vegan or vegetarian?

I am a vegarian not vegan but my "new wife" tried and failed to stay veggie and so as house chef I had to eat some meat too as I am not prepared to cook 2 meals for 2 people. We don't eat meat every day.

I am vegetrian on moral, humanistic, environmental and health grounds and I actually prefer vegetarian food but it takes more imagination to produce good veggie food.

It is fact that the food industry and agro industry is hushing up food issues and environmental issues. They sponsor most of the research. I distrust the FDA too.

The USA as the biggest economy with the largest most factory farmed food production with the biggest agro chemical industry and GM industry is without doubt the biggest global perpetrator of bad food and bad health and it hates the EU as it will not license GM however they are trying to force through new leguslation into the EU through the TTIP scheme which is global piracy on the biggest scale. No I am not a conspiracy theorist or paranoid it is fact and can be substantiated but even a little knowledge of economics and free market capitalism will show that industry only gives a damn about 1 thing money and doesn't matter how it gets it so long as we keep breeding and the population grows there are ever more customers (mugs) to buy their products. Sorry but it is my honest belief and I was director of a multi national chemical company before I saw and learned the truth. That's why I resigned a 6 figure salary and went into teaching for less than 1/10 th the money.

Have a look at the truth behind the US hog and cattle factory farming industry, its methods its use of corn as feedstock and the massive effluent pollution and health issues that causes. Again all hushed up big time and any one who tries to fight ends up with legal battles and scare tactics from "unknown" businesses.

You don't need to buy a sensationalist book trying to make another fortune to find out the facts about the food industry it is all out there just seek and .. ye shall find ..... trust only independant scientists not ones working for industry or universities as they may be honest but their paymasters will not let them be - again fact- it happened to me and my staff. I ran over 90 people in R&D and production but was regularly told by the CEO or FD to shut up and keep things secret.

I am a biologist and wildllife lover first second third and last so cannot reconcile the two hence my prsonal sacrifice.

I don't know why you are gaining weight but the science is simple calories in = weight loss or gain except for a few rare individuals with odd genetic metabolic disorders. Have you had a thyroid hormone check? SS is frequently linked to hypothroidism and this can cause weight gain.

Hidden sugars are a major problem as virtually every processed food or drink is loaded with nice cheap GM corn syrup as a "taste enhancer" or a thickener.

30% of American dietary caloric intake comes from carbonated drinks! (not saying that is true for you just showing a scientific fact that illustrates the weight problems we all face me too!!!!)

SInce getting SS and giving up as much sugar as I can I lost 27 Kg in 6 months.

Sorry for all th typos I am feeling vey tired today and my hans and fingers really hurt LOVE SS yum!!!!!!!!!!

Nomad, I def don't have scientific explanations but I can tell you my body absolutely needs meat. I tend to run a little anemic (life long) so I'm sure that factors in but…. the fact remains, if i don't get my supply of protein through meats I end up eating more of other things, almost as if the body isn't satisfied. Not sure if that's what you deal with but I feel like I run more efficiently with it in my diet. The doc just said some people need it while others do better without. He says its not a universal "No" they way sugar is. I just liken it to nature….all of the jungle cats are sleek & trim and they live on a meat diet. LOL