Comparing notes with other sufferers

Here is a site that has stats about the disease compiled from sufferers not medics so it is far more accurate. :)

Note the age distribution at onset - it blows the medical myth that it is a womens menopausal syndrome

there is a marked lack of male stats but that is probably becuase most men are not forum joiners are very poor at discussing health issues, ignore their own health and have been brought up to be "reaal men" and not talk about personal suffering? (gross generalisation I know - I obviously don't fit it too well :))

Might be helpful to add your personal results to the site and then we can build better picture to demonstrate to the medics the scale of suffering and extent of the disease and dispel the myths held so dear by out of date practitioners?

This is an important tool for the medical community! Thanks so much for this link, assybish! I strongly encourage all members to take part in this! It will be well worth our efforts, not only to ourselves but to our children and grand children!

As always, I'm blown away by this information!

This is an amazing tool!

Thank you

Thanks SK/Connie,

but I don't know how many medics read it BUT IF WE contribute to the stats get a large enough sample then EMAIL/TELLWRITE TO ALL OF OUR MEDICS and give them the site page addres ask them to look at and discuss it with us on our next appointment then it just MIGHT get some of them to be more aware and take interest in us and our disease and stop treating us as if we were the only ones with this complexity of symptoms but one common disease (note not sydrome)

I did it! I sincerely hope they stay on top of it. I think its great and they will learn a lot from all of us.