Dentures and SS

What is everyone's take on people with SS getting dentures? Any comments would be appreciate.

I've been struggling with periodontial disease since my 20's and have had ongoing problems with my teeth such as deep pockets, bone loss from receeding gums, abscessed gums and teeth, etc but since about 4 years problems with my mouth went into overdrive. Not sure if that's when I got SS or was just having a major flare. I recently tried a partial denture but having TMJ and major shifting going on in my mouth, brought the migranes back. So $400 and I'm not wearing it. I need to do something but my dentist doesn't recommend it especially with SS.

To fix my teeth right would cost $10,000, to fix so so would be $5,000 and I'm not sure if I got a denture what would happen with continuous recession of gums due to SS.



Hi Maria,

I can surely get in on this one. I have a full upper denture, getting rid of those remaining teeth was such a relief when it all healed. I wear a partial on the bottom, as I have been warned by 3 dentists that I would "rue the day I had to get a full plate on the bottom"! I've been told it is very difficult to eat with them.

My mom got a new flexible partial on the top and LOVES them! They were more money than the regular ones but she said they are worth EVERY CENT!

I use either Fixodent Free or Poligrip free to keep them in place! Makes a BIG difference in being able to tolerate them! The few remaining lower teeth I have, have exposed nerves and deep pockets under them, and it's NO FUN, I rinse my mouth after eating, even if I cannot brush them, and swish water around, you would be surprised how much that helps remove remaining food particles.

I just broke one side of the upper place, so am currently digging around to find the $1K it will cost to replace them! It's always something!

Hope this helps, I feel for you, sister!

Wishing you well,


BTW, I take Lyrica for nerve pain/Sciatica and was amazed how much it helped with the exposed nerve pain of the remaining teeth!

Oh my what a choice to have to make! I would choose dentures because I know I could never afford that much dental care. I can’t help you on this one because so far my gums are ok. I remember what it was like for my father with dentures. Make sure you get the best you can and be really sure of the fit.
I hope for the best for you.

I have full dentures. I regret getting them in many ways, the biggest is having a hard time eating with them. I have a very small bottom jaw line, and it is hard to anchor the denture enough so they don’t move around. I can’t eat with them adjusting all the time.

That being said, since I have gotten my teeth out, I’m not nearly as sick! I was always having infections with my teeth, or just in general with my body. I hardly ever get sick now, which is amazing. There is a definite link between teeth and over all health.

If I had an extra $2 thousand, I could get 2 implants to anchor my bottom denture to my bone, but I’m on disability, and I can’t even dream about getting it done. Maybe one day the prices will go down.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

From another Sjogren's group on FB, all the people there who got dentures, said they were so relieved to have them after all they'd been through with tooth decay, gum problems, etc. So I think the vote leans towards getting the dentures! People seem to be much happier with them, so they say.

I have been told that because of how dry my mouth is that normal dentures won't work for me and implant supported dentures are incredibly expensive. I am going through the dental school faculty clinic which will probably still be more than I can afford. Because my jaw joints have deteriorated from lifelong TMJ, they are doing a lot of research so that they do no harm. I wish they would hurry up because the teeth deteriorate daily.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

I did get a flexible upper partial on top to replace 2 teeth on one side and 1 tooth on the other side. Because my teeth have done some major shifting the past couple years when I started wearing my partial my TMJ migranes came back and I also started getting optical migranes. So after $1,300 for the partial, I'm not wearing because I don't want the pain.

I'm also not a big fan of dentures and have a fear of needles so have been putting it off for years. I know I would feel better because I have an infection under both sides of my upper bridge. I'll probably hold off as long as I can.