Doctor visits

Just curious…how often does everyone see their rheumatologist for check ups and bloodwork? My doctor said every 4 months. Thank you for your response.

Hi LouAnn, unless something specific is up I see my rheumy every 4 months also. Blood work is done at the same time. Any time I have needed something in between time he responds pretty well which makes me feel better about the 4 months. It took me time to get used to the idea.

I am going away in July so I was thinking of going right after in August which will push it to almost five months and I wasn’t sure if this was too long. I am new to all of this so I don’t know how urgent these visits are! Thanks for the reply.

I would say give a quick call to the doc office and see what they think. Based on your being new and going away, they may want to see you a little earlier rather than later. Its always worth it to ask the question.

I'd love to go four months between appointments with my Rheumatologist. Last month we set a 4 month appointment but I'll have to see him as soon as I can get in. Between him, my liver GI, my PCP, and my...well I'm not even sure what his specialty is...and my Dermatologist...I have appointments every couple of weeks.

Butler, I totally hear you. I have other issues too so I see 4 different specialists regularly, then my allergy/asthma doc as needed. It’s amazing to me to have a few weeks without being in a waiting room. :slight_smile: