Trying a new Rheumy

Evening everyone…as some of you may recall, I am currently seeing a Rheumy about an hours drive (one way) from my house. I have been seeing him for about a year and the past 2 or 3 visits (last visit was 12/12/16) he has changed. He has been very dismissive, treating me like I am “bothering” him, and this is what finally did it for me…at my appt on 12/12, he was in the exam room with me for a whopping 3-4 minutes…never touched me (i.e…felt of my lymph nodes, etc…) and he schedules me for follow up appts and always asks me “what’s going on” or “what brings you in to see me today” and when I tell him I am there for a follow up appt from my last appt (usually 3 months prior) he looks at me like I’m crazy!!!

Anyway…I have an appt in STL ( about 3 hours drive one way from my house) on March 7th. I am sooooo hoping I can find someone who genuinely cares and wants to help me feel better!!! Does a Rheumy like that exist??? Or am I dreaming???

Have a great rest of your evening…


I hope that you do find the new doctor more helpful, especially with that journey… I’m UK so can’t help with your question, but I have read the occasional post on here where someone speaks highly of their rheumy; unfortunately they do seem to be the minority!!

I did some research on my new Rheumy last night. Her health grades score was not very impressive at all. She got 2 stars out of 5. There were no written reviews that I could find. So I have no idea what her patients actual complaints actually were.

I am just hoping that she is different with me. Maybe those unsatisfied patients went in with an attitude or didn’t get what they were “looking” for so the low star rating was the only way to get back at her???

Anyway, I feel I HAVE to do what’s best for me!! If I don’t…who will???

Have a great weekend!!


Limarie, Seenie here from ModSupport. I don’t have SS, but rather Psoriatic Arthritis. I’ve gone through a couple of rheumatologists, and the quest for one that makes you comfortable, listens, and seems to understand what you are saying is so worth it. I don’t feel like I need to _like_them, but I do need to feel comfortable, and when I get back into my car after the appointment, I want to think “Yes, OK, all of that made sense to me.” Whether it’s good news or bad, whether I like the advice or not, whether they have good social skills or not, I need to feel that it makes sense. That’s become my measuring stick for doctors.

Scheduling you for a follow-up and then looking at you like you have two heads does not make sense. When my first rheumatologist (a sweet, warm motherly woman) told me my arthritis was mild and I didn’t need much in the way of treatment, while I felt awful, it did not make sense. Then I went to a very severe and brusque woman (who, frankly, I found to be a very scary lady) who had so-so reviews, but good comments about getting the job done. She told me her judgement of my disease, her assessment of my symptoms, and what she thought I needed in the way of treatment. Honestly, she made me quake in my orthopedic shoes. But when I left the clinic, I thought “Right, she gets what I told her, and what she is recommending makes sense to me. I don’t like her, but I think she is right.” I continued with her, and saw incredible improvement in my condition. She’s still brusque, but I trust this woman and she always makes sense to me.

You DO have to do what’s best for you, because if you don’t, nobody else will. And when you have a chronic condition like yours and mine, it’s going to be a long relationship, so you may as well get it right. That’s worth a detour, in my book.

Seenie (sorry to butt in on a SjS discussion, but I couldn’t resist :wink: )

no apologies necessary!! I appreciate your outlook on things!

Thanks a bunch!!