Positive news

I think it equally important to post the good news! I saw my rheumatologist for my first follow-up. Although I initially found his bedside manner awful, I went in with a positive outlook today. He listened to me and was thrilled that although I am not 100%, I am 100% better than when I initially went in. He is adding another med to the mix and ordering some xrays. He thinks I may also have some cervical issues going on that contributes to the numbness I have in my hands. Overall, I am very happy with my doctor and am very, very grateful that he takes the time to listen. Okay, his sense of humor is a little odd, but I'm okay with that. I pray that everyone on here finds a doctor that will listen and truly help!!! I'm not 100%, but I have my life back and I only see great things in the future!

That's awesome that you seem to have found a good doctor!

Always great when you find Your Doc!!! Yay!

I agree, aa, it is so important to share the good stuff. I am so glad you are doing well. :)