Signs of a good doctor?

What are different signs that you’ve found a good doctor? From the office staff, to the clinic setup, to the doctor’s demeanor and treatment plans, what are different things that you’ve appreciated from the good rheumatologists you’ve had?

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I think I can start off with what I’ve seen working under a few different doctors in the past. I’ve often noticed that for clinics if the office staff are happy and friendly, then the clinic is a good place to be. Healthcare with a rheumy is definitely not all dependent on just the doctor, since the medical staff are often the ones who are handling the insurance approvals for the specialty medications often used at these clinics. Staff who have the capability of being friendly and professional show that the doc is paying attention and hiring the right people to make sure all aspects of treatment work for the patient - not just the prescription choice.

Of course not every clinic is this way - there are some great doctors who have staff who are still learning how to handle a clinic, but I think that a well-managed staff is a pretty good sign :grin:

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I’m definitely looking for a doctor who is willing to have a discussion, and not just hand down decisions. Generally speaking I’m fairly easy going, but if a doctor won’t accept push back from me, then it’s a bad match.


I totally see that. medications and treatments are such a personal choice, it’s so important for a doctor to understand that they are helping you make make the decisions, not just deciding things for you. Even if the doctor is the expert on the medicine, it’s great when you’re treated like the expert that you are with your own individual self.