Asking for your best advice on finding an autoimmune aware GP and Rheumatologist

Casey is in need of these two Doctors and asking for advice from the group as how to find them! Please give her your best suggestions.

Thank you SK!! :) Appreciate the best advice on how to search out the best docs or what questions to ask...basicallym how do you KNOW they are good?

Casey, I was fortunate to have a good husband and wife GP team in place at the onset, which was a third rear end car accident. Because of the accident, it took a while to look beyond it, and running the gambit of Neurologists, Pain management Doctors and Surgeons took may years when you consider that most you had to wait 6 months to see.

For me, it was a trial and error way of finding them, had I not found the Rheum I did when I did, the next place I was going to ask my GP to make an appointment with was the autoimmune center at Hopkins, Mayo clinic, or Univ of MD. I had already been sent to Hopkins and Univ of MD to asst prof of adult ortho spine and neurosurgery. Also saw a PM specialist at Hopkins. The surgeons were not only extremely capable but the nicest of men, the PM specialist was a screamer, so there was no possibility of returning to him! I don't care how good they are, if they cannot communicate with me in a civilized manner, they are not going to be revisited! That is just something you will not know until you get there!

I googled Sjogren's specialist for your area and here is what came up.

I will warn you that just because a practice list themselves as Sjogren's specialist does not mean you will be booked with one unless you request it. Chances are they have more than one Doctor at that practice. Both of my Doctors are independent, no partners for the Rheum, and the GP is the one I see at that office, in case of emergency his wife does stand in, though a GP her specialty is OB/GYN, so not my first choice for autoimmune, though she is most capable.

Thank you SK!! I really appreciate this info. :)

My pleasure to help!

I am not sure what state you are in but try doing a search of top doctors in your state and then it will take you to a place where you can choose specialty.

After my first few duds which I found the old fashioned way I tried the Top Doc way. I found a place in Nj in which the practice name includes rheumatic and autoimmune diseases so I knew I was in the right direction. I then researched the names and found that they really are highly rated.

Just as someone mentioned it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get who you hope for. There was a six month wait for the guy I chose but there was a younger female doc that I decided to see there because I was so ill. I figured my foot was in the door and I could always switch. Instead, I am sticking with the younger partner who is really on top of things. They also conference their cases so I am always assured of good care.

Have you tried larger hospitals like John Hopkins?

Good luck in your search.

Hi Cassi440, thank you for your advice! I live in a smaller town in North Carolina. BUT, we ARE moving to Raleigh - where Duke is - in the fall and I am hoping and praying I will be able to get in with a great doc there. I did recently start seeing an integrative MD in the area. She is by far my best doc...BUT, she doesn't take insurance so it adds up.