Was looking for a new sjogrens/ rheumatoid docter any good ones?
Thanks Tina .

You didn't say what area you were in.

Thank you for the list!

I know this is a late reply but I wanted to pass on a bit of hard earned knowledge. Always ask before seeing an appointment if the doctor treats sjogren’s. Many doctors do not know what it is or think it is simply a nuisance disease.

Hi Purplelady,

Here are some who came up as Sjogren's specialists, but just as shanni mentions, always ask, and ask for the one in the practice most knowledgeable.

Here is a Sjogren's Pulmonary clinic in St Louis

Hope we were able to help you, please let us know if you need more information!

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I was considering a visit with a local rheumatologist and to my surprise his long time receptionist had no idea what SS was. “No, I’ve never heard of it,” she said. Maybe meant nothing, but it still bugged me.

I know, Nomad, but they really just answer phones, take insurance information, make appointments. They are not required to know anything past that, as in most cases the billing is even outsourced now.

I understand that when you are calling to make an appointment with a new Doctor and wish to know if they are familiar with this rare disease, it is most unsettling. On the info page of my Doctor's web page, and this comes up for his phone number, it lists EVERY rare autoimmune disease you can imagine, and tells you to ask if it is not listed.

I hope that you are able to get past the receptionist and get your question answered.

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Hey Purplelady! How are you? Did you have any luck with any of these?