Need new Rheumo doc

Can anyone recommend a well educated Rheumo doc for Sjogren’s in the Chicagoland area?

Thank you


I’m from Chicago and live in Denver now. Tomorrow I’m going to a large clinic to see my Rheumy and I will ask him if anyone there has a referral from Chicago.

Also I suggest going online and checking reviews. My internist is the one who referred me to the Denver Clinic.

Thank you so much. Really difficult to find someone good that understands the disease. Talked to other people in the area here and we all seem to be in agreement. Plenty of Rheumo docs but none that are really good in the study of Sjogren’s. Really appreciate it.

Hope I can get some good information for you. My appointment is on Wednesday.

I had Sjogrens for many years and never knew what it was till I got RA.

Let you know Wednesday.

Awesome, thx! Take care. Appreciate the help.