Doctor recommendations for NJ or NYC?

Can anyone recommend a doctor?

You’re looking for a rheumatologist, is that correct? Dentist? Eye doctor?

Yes, that is correct

I googled the doctors in my area then read the reviews to choose the one I see now.

With that idea of googling, you can also ask your GP what they think of the doctors that you are considering. It’s nice to have choices.

The New York magazine just published their Best Doctors 2017 section. When I looked under rheumatology there were quite a few that listed Sjogren’s. You can start there then look at your insurance company.

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Wow, great resource for our friends near NYC, Stoney! I had a look myself –

Hi there, I am working with Dr. Shari Flowers in Randolph, NJ. She is part of Skylands Medical group. She is so knowledgable about Sjogren’s Syndrome. I found that most rheumys thought of Sjogren’s as uninteresting or didn’t encounter it as much as RA, etc, so they kind of dismissed it. She has worked with me, helping me to understand the processes as well as all of the random and interesting symptoms I have, helping me to separate it from the other issues I have. I would highly recommend her.

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Don’t forget Johns Hopkins has actually been doing Sjogren’s research. Getting in there is always good. I am out on Long Island. Love my doc but sounds like it would be too much of hike for you.