Does anyone have pain in their legs after sitting

I have a lot of pain after sitting and driving. I have to stand for a minute or two before I can walk and it is painful, then it works itself out, not completely but a 75% improvement.

I have been diagnosed with SS from my results from a blood test and referred to a Rheumatoligist

but cannot see until June 19. My doctor believes the problem with my legs is a part of SS.

Does anyone have this problem????

I do but I related it to arthritis and old age. Have a horrible back problem which doesn't make it any easier. I take Meloxicam for arthritis and oxycodone for back pain.

It sounds like you are getting stiff after sitting. Moving around, while painful, will work out the issue. When I am having a flare of my psoriatic arthritis I definitely will get stiff in the affected joints. Mention this to the rheumy. Some of the medications that are used can really help out with this.

Thanks Stoney

I will mention this to the rheumy