Locked knees, anyone?

Hi, fellows!! I need to get this out of my chest. Yesterday, I went to take the test to work with the US Census Bureau (I am not sure I can work, but I need some income, my medical expenses are outrageous). So, to make a long story short, I was sitting at the test table for about 50 minutes. Then my knees locked and I couldn’t get up!!!
I was in pain, my knees got so swelled up, I couldn’t understand it. It was so frustrating. I had to massage my way up and limped the rest of the day. I put ice on both knees, I rubbed them with biofreeze, but that didn’t help much. Today my knees are still swollen, hurting. This is horrible.
My sister has RA and has experienced something similar, but this is the first time for me. What a nightmare!

That sounds really frustrating. Joint pain can certainly be part of the picture, but this sounds pretty extreme. I would encourage you to be seen if it doesn’t clear up. That certainly is something to be seen for.

Thanks for your feedback, Stoney. I will definitely schedule a
consultation. Take care.

Yes, that does sound pretty brutal. Its definitely worth mentioning to a doc.

Thanks for your reply. I have sent a message to my rheumatologist, whom I will see on Jan 6. I did some research about the topic and although not frequent , it does seem to have some incidence with sjogren’s patients. It happened again today and was not pleasant.

Hi. everyone and thank you for the usual support. So I was finally able to see my rheumy today. It turned out that what I have is an inflammation of the tendons in both elbows and knees. He said it should come and go. Not much to do here, except take anti inflammatories (which I can’t because of my glomerulonephritis). My rheumy prescribed Voltaren spray. Let’s see how that goes.