Dry eye treatments in pipeline

Here is a link to an article I found last night regarding future dry eye treatments and why dry eye meds fail in trials. You can skip to the blue section at the bottom to see what’s in the pipeline for future treatments. Now they gotta step it up and get better meds to reverse the rest of this god awful dryness and disease!


Thank you, dryguy! You always find us good info! Hopefully there is something there for all of us!

Thanks, dryguy, I'm hoping you have to change your username after the new meds come out. :)

I'd also like to add that Lifitegrast is being submitted for FDA approval by 1st quarter of 2015. Now they just gotta figure out how to get all of the other exocrine glands working!

Hi dry guy thanks for this - it is a new collection of papers to me.

Lifitegrast seems to be the only one relevant to Sjogrens - it is looking in the right areas.

Rebamipide has been around for years but is not avaialble in the UK - I have tried to buy it but failed.

Whatever happens in the trials those of us in the UK don't expect to see any of them in the UK any time soon.

Exovac is superior to pilocarpine but is not available or accepted in the UK or even under review by NICE despite FDA approval for some years now.