Facial numbness

Hi everyone. Just curious if anyone else gets facial numbness? When issues first started about a year ago I had minor numbness on the right side (lasted just a few hours). The last few weeks it’s came and Gone a lot. Have been to my pcp (getting to my rheumy during this covid thing isn’t happening) he did a CT scan to make sure It wasn’t anything like that, heart is ok.

Any guidance and advice would be great.

So I haven’t had it for a while. But I had a long stretch of it about 5 years ago, just one side of my face. I had a full work up as well, and nothing was found. The question was whether it was lesions in my brain, vascular, etc. Nothing showed up, and ultimately it went away. Now that I’m thinking about it, after the numbness I had a period of time with a lot of twitching on that side of the face as well. Again, it did ultimately go away, right about the time that my doctor was getting clearance for botox to quiet things down.

Thank you… it occasionally goes to the left as well, but minimal. My right leg and arm have occasionally had it as well. Like you said, MRI in 8/19, CT scan last week and all good so that seems to rule out any MS or brain issues. Not to mention multiple Xrays of the chest and a CT of that too. Typical CBC and metabolic blood work 2 weeks ago All good.

I also have been told I have Lyme (not cdc positive, but have multiple bands including Lyme specific) so my PCP keeps saying Bells Palsy, but I have no actual weakness or drooping.

I get a lip biopsy next week. So far rheumatology wise I’ve had positive ANA and SSA.

I’m just overall a mess as my rheumatologist never listens to me anyways (we do not have a good relationship. She doesn’t understand why I’m so upset and says all my symptoms are psychological even thought she diagnosed me with Sjogrens) so knowing this is makes the anxiety and trying to understand what is happening worse. :confused:

Are you able to find a different rheumatologist? Being told that your issues are psychological does not sound like good listening to me.

I went to another in December, he didn’t think I had sjorgen’s was more worried about MS (which was ruled out). The ENT that’s doing the lip biopsy talked about helping me find a new one once the biopsy is back.

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