Feeling Like A Burden

I was recently diagnosed w/Neuropathy & SS. I am very limited right now. I have to rely on others to do everything for me. This is really getting me depressed. I feel like such a burden on the ones I love. I can see they are at their wits end doing everything, housework, errands, taking care of my 2 & 5 yearolds as well as taking care of me. Then I feel sad & guilty because my kids are so young they don't understand why I can't do most things I used to do with them. Makes me feel like I'm not a good mom now. I love them so much they are the reason I go on every day. Just getting down and frustrated.

Ann, your children love you no matter what. You are their mom and that transcends everything else. I PROMISE you this is the absolute truth, you are not a burden to them. I grew up with a mom who was very ill throughout my childhood and although I lost her when I was just 18, my memories are of the most important person in my life ... it doesn't matter that she wasn't well enough to take us out as kids or that I had to help around the house and grow up before my time ..... it is the love she showed by spending time with me, talking with me, listening to me and encouraging me to be the best person that I could be that mattered. Her time and love. The rest didn't matter .... and still doesn't matter to me 34 years later. I promise!

Thanks Jules I really needed to hear that.

Ann, I don't know what help there is in the US, but I know that in the UK there are voluntary organisations which can send family support workers in to help Mums with young children, if you're not wanting to keep relying on others. The organisation I work for is called Home-Start- not sure if there's a US version, I know it's not just in the UK. I support a family where Mum has depression and struggles to look after her 3 year old. Might be worth a look on-line. But I'm sure your loved ones are probably more worried about you and your health than what they have to do for you.

Thanks Jules, I will definitely check in to that! Thanks for all the support!