Fibromyalgia and substance P

Please note that among the possible causes of fibro listed include viral, bacterial, and mytoplasmas. Perhaps I was the one who ran across my first info about the mytoplasmas, as I posted this at least one year ago!

I find the mycoplasm theory so fascinating! I recently learned about it through Hannah Yoseph MD's book on Sjogren's. She has photos of slides, etc. and explains everything like she's a teacher. It's so interesting how these mycoplasms learned to adapt to survive and she wonders if maybe these came from infections or if these mycoplasms were once good gut bacteria that learned to survive antibiotic onslaughts and so they morphed and are now something that harms us. It will be a long time before they figure it all out, I think, but I find it all fascinating.

According to Dr. Yoseph, she said that mycoplasms that are good don't feed off of our cells and are helpful by cleaning up debris, and she claims we couldn't manage without good mycoplasms. But, perhaps different 'terms' are being used and she uses the term 'good mycoplasms' when maybe they are typically referred to by another name?