Figured it out

it took me forever to figure out that I had to sign in to be able to like and comment on things and start new discussions. I only use the app on my phone and I used to just open it and I would automatically be in. It was probly during an update that it changed I’m guessing. I had so many things I wanted to comment on too!! Now I forget them all haha

LOL…. I blame it on brain fog. Well glad you figured it out. Welcome!!!!

Oh me too!! I blame everything on brain fog! When I remember too haha!

I was just trying to train someone new in my department and I have found that I am in that phase where I am either losing my train of thought or saying the wrong word in the middle of a sentence. Its so weird when that happens.

Oh I know! I see clients all day and give them the same sort of speech and then all of a sudden I don’t know regular words an I can’t even think of anything to replace them with, I just sort of stare off for a bit with a confused look on my face! It’s probly pretty hard for them to put their trust in me sometimes haha

Angie, this platform really doesn't work very well on mobile devices, even after you've signed in. ;-) That's one of the things that we hope to be able to change with the money that we collect during our annual fundraiser, which is going into full swing this month. Here's Ben's post about it.

Glad to be hearing from you again!

Seenie from Moderator Support

I do the stare off into space thing too sometimes... usually though I just resort to describing whatever it is and hope for the best. Earlier I simply forgot the word car and the closest description I could come up with was- that thing right out there (pointing at car). Thankfully it was the only 'thing' recognizable in the driveway. Usually I can describe what the item does or it's color/shape/size etc... and my hubby can fill in the blank if I want him to. Today- poof- all symbolism and associated words not available for use.

Family and friends still don't get it- I have brain fog- brain is foggy- important information may or may not be remembered later. I say a big Congrats to you for figuring out how to access the site on your phone and then figuring out your login information- as for not remembering what you wanted to comment on, well... welcome to the club! :)