I love to read and have been able to lately because my “brain fog” has eased up a bit. I love art and have just gotten back into painting. I took a few hot yoga classes lately and I love them because the humid heat really loosens up the joints and it just feels good to be in that room! I bring plenty of water! I basically need to get an IV drip of water. Lol

Hi Holly! I’m so glad to hear that you are able to read again. I have so many books waiting for me that I have collected over the years. There’s also a list of books that I don’t have but want to read.

I’m still struggling with articles and short stories. Needing to go back and reread constantly.

I’m certainly not an artist, but have tremendous respect for those who are. I devote much time to my grand kids, with painting, coloring, playing with little cars, board games, cards, Legos and blocks. Puzzles too, there are dozens of dinosaur puzzles here for them. I probably have more kid gear than some schools and day cares!

Glad you are enjoying the hot yoga!

It’s good to hear from you Holly. Be as well and as happy as you can be!

Thanks SK
Your grandchildren are so lucky to have a grandmother like you who is so devoted to them. I still struggle sometimes with reading, so I get frustrated when I can’t concentrate.
Sending good thoughts your way!