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Hello everyone.

Sometimes we become so ill or so caught up in our illnesses we forget other things. I was looking at the subgroups we have an would like to see what we all like and invite you to look at the groups.

I will get us started.

I love most music but listen to Native American the most.

My pets are wonderful and bring me a lot of joy plus they keep me active feeding and taking care of them.

Books are great I read everything from ABC's with the grandkids to the classics

I look my two chihuahuas. I also enjoy our grandkids, all 5 of them. To pass the time and relax I draw or paint. I used to own an art gallery but my health got too bad to keep it up. I love to draw people or animals so have been doing a lot of portraits that pay few months especially. I invite you to check out some of my artwork on my Facebook page under angelwinggallery.

I have 2 Lahsa mixes, both rescues, who are wonderful and because of the breed they shed very little.

The other things that I had let go is cleaning. Coming on spring, I have been looking for natural solutions that require very little elbow grease. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome.

I don't eat gluten, so I have had a lot of fun making my favorite recipes gluten-free.

It's taken over 2 years to come terms with this disease, but with my husband's support I am doing what I can when I can.

I started aquatherapy which has also been an awesome step forward.

It has been difficult to find positive things to do, I was always employed in high end jobs, but the pride of having my husband notice these little milestones are better than anything else.

Love Native American music also–:slight_smile: I play it in my office all the time.
Pets— zoo crew over here, rescue horse that needs special shoes and meds, very old pony that has more energy then me!!! Lol!! Goat that thinks I’m its play mate and beats the crap out of me!! Hahahhahahahaah!!! mule that has a mind if his own. Dogs and cats. Needless to say they keep me going and are a blessing, I actually like hanging with them then most people. :slight_smile:

This is an excellent thread! It’s also a positive thread.
I have an exotic pet birds, he is a parrot, and his breed is a sun conure. He is lovable and laughs, yes he laughs just like me. lol He talks and he sounds like the Alflack insurance commercial duck. He loves to whistle, mimic, and he is a great cuddlier. I also have two love birds. One canary and three finches.
I love country music. I also am a lyricist, I write country music lyrics. I had a demo made once and won some ribbons for my songs from Nashville Tennessee.

I love to groom horses and exercise them.

I am a lay servant at my Church and I love volunteering my time and talents to serve the church by teaching Sunday school and preaching when the pastor is away.

I was asked by Dancermom to post what my "real job" when not modding is if I got time well I have 10 mins so here goes.

It started as a hobby became and addiction then an obsession and then a business ....... no not that don't be naughty people! :)

I breed rare and unusual plants and my biggest interest is Hellebores. I own and run (well as much as I can with SS it is limiting mowadays) a horticultural nursery.

Here are some photos of some of my babies that I've bred over the past 30 years.

I also have the UK national collection of hellebores including all wild species.If you want to see more see


Hope you like them.

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here are a few more - hope you enjoy :)

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They are beautiful I especially love the 3rd and 4th ones.You are so talented I do good to keep my butterfly garden going let alone a whole business. They must bring you and everyone that sees them much joy.

wow those are pretty….

I have to say that cleaning is still a great accomplishment for me. I love a house that people can drop in any time without warning. I have 2 cats (rescues) that think my sole purpose is to care for them though.

I had many many years studying the martial arts but finally had to give that up. I have developed a love of running though and will be trying yoga with a private instructor that is actually familiar with SS so wish me luck!!