New group on Sjogren's Syndrome support:

Please join me on 'Hobbies and Pasttimes', and tell us where your interests and talents lie! We all need a break from 'being sick'!

Great idea! My husband and I have been collecting kaleidoscopes for 30 some years. Every place we go we're on a hunt, sometimes successful and sometimes not. We have them ranging 1/2 inch long to 24 inch and $10 to hundreds and somewhere between 55 and 60 of them. We love having a collection that one doesn't see very often. Myself, I am an interior designer, though my car accident put an end to that career, and I do a lot of artistic things as well. I have been out of commission for over a year and started making contemporary, upscale blank greeting cards. I've made them since I was a kid but started getting serious about them out of sheer boredom during my convelesence. I've been fortunate enough to have a couple of local stores carry them. I am a serious admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright and my house has a decidedly Frank vibe, too. Last but not least, being with my 6 year old granddaughter Lydia (who calls me Lovey). She loves making cards and she's GOOD at it. I'm jack of all trades so I will probably think of 8 more things by evening! Thanks for letting me ramble!

Hi Lovey,

I've seem some beautiful kaleidoscopes on the Antiques Roadshow, both UK and US. I'm guessing that they were a product of Victorian times, but I'm actually unsure!

Oh good for you! Besides needing to be passionate about your craft, surely there are times when infinate patience are required! I love HGTV, my favorite designers would be Candice and Sarah, they can do any style, and do it well. I like some modern, contempory, mid century modern interiors, however to me they can be cold and uninviting, those two gals can always 'bring in the warmth'!

We live in a little house that's much like a cottage, it's so charming, but space is surely at a premium, and the storage/closet situation is a nightmare. We had big plans when we bought it, but with rapidly declining health, much of that went out the window. A roof leak upstairs, that turned into tearing it down to the beams and rafters took care of any other projects we may have entertained.