Not sure what I was thinking but we adopted a 6 month old hound from the local shelter. He is so awesome and quickly bonded to me and my son. Now I just have to get the cats on board and we'll be good to go!

Just had to share that. I find myself laughing nonstop just watching him. We need that.

They say Dogs are good stress reducers. I have two pound puppies for 4 yrs now. Post a pic for us to see Enjoylife. Puppy pictures always bring smiles. Enjoy your new member!

Good for you! We have cats only, but recently adopted a third adult cat, a three year old. Then the shelter called me last week to foster a 6 week old feral kitten, and I said of course, why not? It had been a while since we had a kitten. It’s a lot of work, but the good type of work.

Good luck with your puppy! More work than a child....! Would love to see the photos!

I'll post some as soon as I get home. Only a week and dog bed #1 has already bit the dust. LOL

I already have 2 rescue cats so I am facilitating negotiations between them and the dog daily. :) But yes, I find myself laughing like crazy at some of the dopey things he does. Its worth the work.

One dog bed's not too bad- ours ripped the kitchen flooring up, and made a hole in the wall!! She's nearly 11 now, and has been the most beautiful dog ever...!

LOL As long as he is eating dog beds, I guess I should be happy. A friend of mine also had her dog (a 7 month old Leinberg. Spelling?) It ate a huge section of her wall out too. All that was left was the wiring that she thankfully didn't try to eat.

They're gorgeous dogs, yes, lucky it didn't eat the wires! We had a 'either she goes or I do' moment from my hubby after the wall incident- I didn't think it set a very good example to our boys to get rid of the dog, so I told him to go! He soon calmed down, and we laugh about it now! Not sure if I'd ever convince him to have another puppy again though!!