Hi - thanks for adding me!

New member to the group, diagnosed three years ago. Currently, I am doing reasonably well. I am just coming off a flare caused by shingles vaccine. I am 53, I work out twice per week and I work. I teach theater, direct theater (when it’s happening) and I teach American Sign Language. I live with my spouse, adult twin daughters and our five cats.

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Welcome Janette! It sounds like you certainly keep yourself busy. we have ourselves limited to four cats, but I foster cats for a rescue organization so I frequently have a total of five or six cats in the house. Right now I have my four cats, plus a 1-year-old special needs foster cat. She has ch, or cerebellar hypoplasia. For those who don’t know what that means, that means that she’s a wobbly cat. Generally speaking a lot of my cats that I Foster have some sort of special need but mostly I take cats who need socialization. And fancy cats. So many fancy cats that I’ve had in my house. This last year alone I think I had eight or nine, mostly Persians, but also if you Bengals this past year and even in Oriental short hair. Anytime you want to talk cats with me I’m more than happy to.

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I love that Stoney! Four of my cats are rescues. I have a 20 pound Maine coon, which is on the smaller side for that breed and a black Bombay. The others are an orange tabby male, a gray tortoiseshell female and my oldest, at 13, sweet Lizzie, a tuxedo kitty.Cheers, here’s to giving all the kitties the best life possible.

You have a Bombay? Pictures PLEASE! The black and white is my senior boy. He’s 14 years old. The tabby is 8 years old, the Russian blue is 5, and the black one is 3. All four are foster fails, and the black one was completely unsocialized and living in a community cat room until she was over a year old. Now she sleeps with me every night and follows me around.

She really likes to snuggle in my clothes, so this is her in my sweatshirt.


Binx is seriously cute, and I love the name. So my grey girl is my nurse cat. Do you have one that you would describe like that?

Hi Jeanette! Welcome to the group.
Thanks you also Stoney, for the kitty pics. Totally made my day! They are so sweet looking.

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