Not SJS related......but wanted to share

My little boy Lance (my youngest child & son) is graduating HS on Sunday afternoon (5/7)!!! I am SO VERY proud & happy for him!!! Had he been born in August when he was supposed to have been, instead of June, when he was…he would just be entering his senior year this next school year (2017/18). He is SO happy he was born early! lol

I am a MESS with mixed emotions right now! My oldest son Lane graduated HS last May (2016) so it feels like a double whammy for me. I"ve known this was coming for a long while but NOW IT"S HAPPENING & I CAN’T STOP IT!!!

I am NOT ready for this stage yet. Lance turns 18 next month and Lane turns 20 in Sept!! My roll as Mom to them has changed so much already. I still have A LOT of nurturing & mothering left in me!!! I’m NOT ready not to be needed so much!!!

Even tho neither of my boys are not ready to move out of our house yet…I feel like I am “empty nesting” already. Or is there another term for what I am going through? Hubby & I have had these boys our entire marriage (married in April 1997 & Lane was born in Sept 1997) and don’t get me wrong…I am NOT complaining one bit!! We have dedicated these last 20 years to our boys. Now that they are both done with HS, hubby has suggested that he & I focus on US more now that our boys are old enough to take care of themselves for a few days at a time.

It is going to take some getting used to but I think Darrel & Lisa deserve some attention. Because before long…I hope to have grand babies…and AT LEAST one granddaughter!!! I only say that because I’ve been the only girl in my house for soooo long and I know I will have sooooo much fun buying for a little girl!! lol

Thanks for letting me vent/share lol
Have a great weekend everyone!


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Congratulations to your son and the whole family!

Thanks so much Stoney…I am really excited for him. Today anyway lol. Tomorrow will be a different story.

Wow congratulations to your son! I have a twin brother, so we both left at the same time and left my mom with an empty house all at once! Enjoy your well-deserved Darrel and Lisa time :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Meli!!! And WOW that had to nearly crush your poor Mother!!! Bless her heart!! My boys are not ready to leave the nest…just yet anyway. AND MOMMA ISN’T READY EITHER!!! lol My heart couldn’t take that!!!

I know that day is coming but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it…but for now, I intend to enjoy my family to the fullest (while it is still just the 4 of us) and CHERISH every moment & EVERY memory we make together!!


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How did his graduation go, and how are you feeling now?
I hope that you can have some good times, just you and your hubby!
I know how you feel- my 2 boys are getting older, eldest leaves high school in a month, scary times! Youngest is only 2 years behind… (We’re UK, so a different school system, but they’re both doing major exams at the moment, and that is NOT fun!!)