Update time =)

Hello everyone…I am so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve logged on, but I thought I’d MAKE time to update y’all.

Went yesterday to get my staples out…got them all out but 2…Dr said that me getting a steroid shot slowed down the healing process so one of my incisions needs an other week. But that everything looks good. None of the incisions are infected. But he almost acted like he didn’t believe me that I broke out. I totally forgot to show him the pics so I will next Tuesday!!

Just got back from my Neuro consult. He said my reflexes looked good but is setting up an MRI with & without contrast and an EEG. Says the frequent vertigo COULD be seizures??? I had 3 Grand Mal seizures back in 2005 but i think they were medication induced. Haven’t had any since…

Rash on tummy is gone but since the steroid shot on 3/28 my neck rash has reared it’s ugly head again. Weird since that shot should of helped the neck rash too but the shot was 40 mgs so maybe it just wasn’t strong enough to help both rashes???

Well, that’s about it for me. Waiting on calls for my MRI & EEG appt times…and enjoying this beautiful sunny day (also hubby & my 20th anniversary!!) :heart_eyes:

Have a nice day everyone!!


You’re just on a roll with all of this going on, huh? That’s great to hear that your progress wasn’t slowed too much. Right now I’m avoiding doctors, even though I really need to make a GYN appointment as well as an appointment with my GP.

Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

And congratulations on knowing that you can relax and have dinner without worrying about having an attack on this romantic evening. :blush:

It sounds like your recovery is going well. That’s great!

Keep in touch.


How did I miss that it’s your anniversary? Happy anniversary Lisa!

Thanks ladies!! Still waiting on a call for my MRI & EEG appts. I did get my lab results back from my Rheumy visit…everything was normal except my stored iron (Ferritin) & hematocrit. They were both low. No wonder why I am freezing all the time. So I am to start Ferrous Gluconate (OTC) daily. Going to pick that up today.

Have a great day!!


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