Saw Rheumy today

And.......I am back on Plaquenil!! For the 4th time! The second time my rash appeared I was not on it so since my rashes are FINALLY all gone.......he wants me to try it one more time. He also stated that since I said that my rashes were not itching constantly that they (rashes) just might not be from Plaquenil. So we shall see.......I was also told that IF I do develop a rash this time to not DC the Plaquenil. I am to keep taking it to see if the rash will go away on it's own.

He also ran some blood work. They drew 3 tubes. The only test I can remember him talking about was thyroid. I have a follow up appt in Sept.

I am a bit upset that he did not seem to care about my pins & needles in my legs & feet & my legs & arms jerking. I will just have to re-address these issues in Sept.

Hope everyone has a great evening.



This is only my opinion but you need a second opinion. If my Rheumy suspects any side effects I’m off that med for good.
Rashes are horrible to deal with and difficult to get rid of.

Thanks so much for your first go round with Plaquenil, the rash showed up after 11 days. And it took just over 2 months for the rashes to COMPLETELY disappear. So I hear what you are saying.

The problem is tho that I live in a SUPER tiny town of 342 people. There is a town about 20 minutes from me that has a rheumy but she is a complete & total QUACK!!!! I will NOT ever go to her AGAIN!! So I travel a little over an hour one way to a much larger city (than the one 20 minutes from me) to see my current rheumy. My only other option would be to go to another state. Which I have already thought about doing. But I don't want to be labeled a "Dr shopper".

Thanks for your input!! I appreciate your time!!

Have a great day tomorrow!



That’s frustrating with the meds and rash.

In terms of the tingling, jerking, etc. . . . Bring it up again next time. In the meantime, try and track symptoms, and specifically ask if you should see a neurologist, or if there is something that you could be doing to address the symptoms.


I agree with Stoney about seeing a neurologist for those other symptoms. I lived in a small town too an the specialists are hard to find. About 3 years ago I had a rash on my right arm that just won’t go away. My dermatologist kept saying it’s nothing and just gave me steroid creams which didn’t work…I went to another dermatologist who stopped all of that and did a biopsy and treated it with baking soda soaks and heavy moisture creams and it finally went away.

Thanks so much for the replies!! I will bring up these issues again and see where it gets me. I am still entertaining the idea of possibly checking out a Rheumy in Jonesboro AR. I drive a little over an hour one way to see my current rheumy now and to go to Jonesboro is just a little bit further. And I have heard really great things about this other Rheumy..........

And keeping track of the tingling & jerking is a great idea. Thanks so much for the input!! I truly appreciate y'all!!

Have a great afternoon & evening!!